GDPR Compliance

How Grorapid helps you connect with your customers and market smarter as per the GDPR Compliance and laws.

Last Updated: Sept 13, 2021

Our Commitment To GDPR Rules

GDPR Law is the landmark step for the privacy and security concerns by the European Union. Grorapid (HSV Media Private Limited) as a registered entity is duly committed to the norms and regulations to maintain the status of a GDPR compliant organization. We are strictly careful about the privacy and security of the data and key information used on our platform.

Please read below our implementation plan to be GDPR Compliant.

Our Privacy Policy

We have updated our privacy policy, with the essential features of GDPR compliances. Our Privacy policy explicitly explains how the data is processed on the platform and how one can raise a request for inquiries or feedback on personal data protection policies and procedures.

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Our Cookie Policy

We have updated our cookie policy as well. It can be referred to read the detailed explanation on the type of cookies we store to make the experience better and personalized for the users. We have also installed a cookie management system, which asks the user to opt-in or manage their preferences regarding the cookies on our website when they visit the first time.

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Our Data Processing Agreements

We have extensively formalized our DPAs for our clients and the vendors to create a secure system that would ensure no breach of GDPR norms and regulations. You can request at [email protected] to learn more about DPA and associated documents.

Additional Information

We would regularly be updating the documents when required to maintain transparency on anything related to data and privacy. Moreover, if you wish to learn more regarding GDPR and policies, do refer to the official website here. And If there's anything that still needs to be understood, feel free to drop an email at [email protected] to have all the answers.