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Cold email tool that increases revenue

Automate your cold outreach with Grorapid. Ensure high email deliverability, send personalised targeted emails in bulk and make data-driven decisions with email analytics

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Your all-in-one email outreach solution

Elevate your outreach game with Grorapid - Discover prospects across multiple channels, curate lead lists with verified emails, and send personalized bulk emails that drive revenue growth.

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Find Prospects

Find new leads anywhere

Our CDP solution allows you to find prospects from domain search, email search, and LinkedIn urls and store that data in your dashboard.

  • Search prospects across multiple channels.
  • Add contacts in your Lists
  • Filter and Export data.
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Email Warmup

Improve your sender reputation

Our warm up solution ensures your emails are trusted by email service providers, reducing the chance of them being marked as spam

  • Supports all major email service providers.
  • Improves Deliverability.
  • Customizable Warm Up Strategy.
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Email Verification

Verify your emails in bulk

Our solution weeds out invalid emails, ensuring higher open, click rates, and efficient, targeted campaigns.

  • Bulk email verification
  • Email segmentation

Loved by businesses all across the globe

What really best with Grorapid is how they seem to be one step ahead of the competition in providing affordable email marketing. Their platform is progressive and gives great results.
Jane Smith

Rob Wonger

Founder in LA based Startup

We like the flexibility and simplicity of Grorapid Recipes. It helped us to connect with our Audience for our courses we provide as we've grown for a small to mid sized startup.
Jane Smith

Walter C. Eldred


Everything you need to start a Campaign

Simplify outreach: Select or create templates, send in bulk, and analyse performance seamlessly with our Email Campaigns feature.

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Discover Prospects Anywhere

Use our Customer Data Platform to find potential leads across various channels and industries.

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Customer Support

24/7 customer support for Instant Help, Expert Guidance, and Effortless Conversations!

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Reach every Inbox

Overcome deliverability challenges; warm up your email reputation for messages that consistently land in the right inboxes.

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Measure Email success

Understand how well your emails are doing with analytics, helping you refine and improve your outreach for better results.

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Send Personalised Emails

Build relationships with personalised email campaigns, sending bulk emails for impactful communication.


We've got you covered

Empty Pipelines? Say no more, we’ll help you, Search leads across multiple channels, build verified email lists and send personalised emails that skyrocket your conversion rates.


Send Personalized Bulk Emails

Craft tailored outreach effortlessly: choose templates, create personalized emails from scratch, and seamlessly send bulk emails to your selected contacts or lists.


Recipes & Automations

Select our predefined templates for impactful outreach, and streamline your cold email campaigns with automated sequences and scheduled follow-ups.


Analyze your Campaigns

Monitor every email campaign – from opens to conversions. Gain valuable insights to refine your strategies and drive higher conversion rates.


Connect with Top Email Platforms

Compatible with major email service providers, our tool effortlessly integrates with SMTP, Gmail, and GSuite, providing seamless flexibility.


Multichannel Prospecting

Unlimited lead Search across Multiple channels with our Customer Data Platform. Explore diverse channels and industries to find potential leads



Unlock industry best practices with our insights and tutorials. Empower yourself to optimize outreach strategies, craft compelling emails, and achieve confident campaign succes.

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Grorapid Pro

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Everything unlimited. Subscribe to the Grorapid Pro plan and work without any limit

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Email templates
  • Send Unlimited Email campaigns & Follow Ups
  • Reports & Analytics
  • No Grorapid Branding on templates
  • Email sequencing & Automations
  • Unlimited lead search
  • Unlimited Bulk Email list Cleaning
  • Unlimited Bulk Email Verification
  • Email Warm Up
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Grorapid automate lead generation for small businesses?

We have automated lead generation through our Customer Data Platform, searching prospects across multiple channels, including domain, email, and LinkedIn.

How many emails can I send from one email account in a single day?

You can send 10k emails per day from one email account during Free trial.

How does Grorapid address email deliverability challenges?

We address email deliverability challenges with our Email Warmup Tool, ensuring that your emails reach your prospects' inboxes, not their spam folders.

What do you need to ensure before sending emails with your accounts?

Users should have valid email addresses, clean lists, authentication protocols and better ISPs etc for sending successful emails.

What Pre-Requisites should users consider before Email Warm-Up?

Users must ensure the effective implementation of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols to authenticate emails and improve deliverability. Evaluate and resolve any existing issues with sender domain reputation to proactively mitigate potential challenges during the warm-up process.

Can Grorapid integrate with my existing email accounts?

Yes, Grorapid seamlessly integrates with AWS SES, SMTP, Gmail/GSuite and outlook accounts.

Is there customer support available with Grorapid?

Yes, we offer 24/7 customer support through a Live Chat feature. Our professional support team is ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

You can access all the features in the Grorapid Pro Plan for free for 14 days.

What happens after my Free Trial ends? After the free trial ends, your campaigns will be paused until you upgrade to a paid plan.

What is the accepted Payment Method?

We support all major credit / debit cards. We can accept payments via Wire Transfer for yearly payments.

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