Reduce marketing expenses by upto 70% with ready-to-use Recipes

No-code pages, forms, email templates for all scenarios which you can launch yourself in next few moments

A recipe for every use case

Try the following recipes in just few clicks and execute marketing strategies quickly.

How Grorapid Recipes work?

3 simple steps to get you going with your marketing activites within minutes using Recipes


Choose a recipe template of your choice

Templates to get new customers, start a Newsletter, get more webinar registrations and many more


Edit content & design

Personalise the recipe by editing the content for all the steps such as webpages, emails, etc. 


Review, Launch and Analyse

Get reports and analytics to take further action helping you in growing your business quickly

Loved by businesses, and individuals all across the globe

rob image
Rob Wonger

Founder in LA based Startup

What really best with Grorapid is how they seem to be one step ahead of the competition in providing affordable email marketing. Their platform is progressive and gives great results.


walter image
Walter C. Eldred


We like the flexibility and simplicity of Grorapid Recipes. It helped us to connect with our Audience for our courses we provide as we've grown for a small to mid sized startup.

No hassle marketing with a simple to use interface

Carry out simple workflows by just editing various elements as per your needs such as landing pages, forms and emails without the need of any technical support

Create webpages and forms without writing code

Grow your email subscribers list, get more sales and engage with customers using webpages, email sequences and reminders without writing even a single line of code.

No-code Webpage builder

Link based forms


Personalize your emails

Send or schedule high performing and trackable emails with the best of class deliverability to take better decisions.

Upload Emails or Retarget old contacts

Beautiful Templates builder and Rich Text Editor

Highest Deliverability via warmed up accounts

Do more with grorapid

Workflows & Automations

Use traditional workflows & automations that offer auto-responders, auto-follow ups along with easy-to-create email sequences.

  1. Multiple email sequences
  2. Start automation on conversion
  3. Segment contact on the basis of email activity

Social media (Coming soon)

Get a single hub for all your social media handles and share updates with your network immediately or by scheduling whenever you want to.

  1. Multiple integrations
  2. Easy to send or schedule
  3. Live previews for your posts


Classify and filter your contacts into automatic groups called segments on the basis of engagement and activities.

  1. Add tags to the contacts
  2. Dynamic Groups (Segments) for better targeting
  3. Retargeting on the basis of Contact Engagement

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