Product Feedback Series

Use this recipe to get product feedback from your most engaged users.

What Will you Get


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What you'll find in this recipe


Email 1 - First Feedback Email

Use this email to get feedback on your latest project.


Email 2 - Second Feedback Email

Share your changes and get more feedback with this email.


Email 3 - Share Final Draft

Share the final changes and ask to get your prototype shared with more people.


Email 4 - Thank You Email with the Product Link

Share the final product with your user by using this email.

Templates used in this recipe


Email 1

Email template to ask engaged users for the feedback on a product or project


Email 2

Use this email template to inform users about the updates and changes


Email 3

Use the template to ask users about the feedback on your product and increase engagement


Email 4

Email template to inform users about the product and increase registrations

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