4 Effective Advertising Channels for Gyms to Increase Business Growth

Marketing Oct 12, 2020

Organic marketing can only get your word to a few people and with Facebook changing its algorithm regularly, even that is becoming increasingly difficult. The best way for people to get to hear your message is through advertising. It can increase your gym's awareness and maximize membership sales.

To run an impactful advertising campaign, you first need to focus on a specific target audience. This will help you in generating the best investment return on your ad spend.

Here are 4 impactful advertising channels you can use for growing your gym.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the platform provided by Google to advertise your business. It allows you to segment and target people who are interested in your gym services.

It provides you a Keyword Planner that helps you to see the most commonly used phrase by people while searching on Google. By creating an advert, you can mark your presence in the search result whenever someone searches for gyms.

Google AdWords provides you the following benefits in your business:

  • Cost-effective as you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Helps you enhance the brand awareness of your gym business.
  • Able to reach to various customers and influence them to associate with your gym.
  • Helps you create a search campaign for your gym.
Benefits of Google Adwords for Gym Business

Collaborate with Local Bloggers

To make your gym membership look more appealing you can choose to partner with local health, wellness, or nutrition blogs. This can be an impactful way to advertise your gym.

You can start by selecting blogs that your target customers read the most. Choose a blog the resembles most with your gym business. You can either pay them to display your ad on their site or sponsor an individual post. Looking for ideal blogs like health or nutrition can prove to be more useful.

Advertising by partnering with bloggers

This is the most standard marketing way and offers a unique opportunity to promote your gym. Health, Fitness, and nutrition magazines are constant in trend, and publishing your gym article on such magazines or in a newspaper column can help you catch the attention of target customers.

Find a captivating publication that is mostly read in your area. If the audience is suitable and pricing is good then this option is worth it.

Gym Magazine Advertisement

Targeting with Social Media Ads

Social media not only enables you to target your business ads to people with similar interests but covers parameters like age, gender, and area location. With this, you can show your ads to people who share an interest in services related to the gym.

You can use the pixel to know about the number of visitors on your website and can target them later by using social media marketing campaigns ads.

  • You can advertise your gym business on various health and nutrition groups on Facebook.
  • You can choose to promote your gym on Instagram, through relevant posts and stories.
  • YouTube is another engaging platform to place your gym ads and drive clicks on your website.
Examples of Social Media Ads for Gym Businesses


So, implement these modern ideas and advertise your gym in the best possible way. This will not only make people acknowledge your gym but increase the growth of revenue generation and spread an effective approach in the fitness and health business.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish