5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Wellness Businesses

Marketing Oct 8, 2020

Holidays are usually the most busy time of the year for wellness businesses. People are looking to relax and de-stress from work, get their body in shape and calm their minds.

You can't simply go about marketing your wellness business like you do throughout the year. You need to take a different approach.

You need to get in the holiday spirit and show how much you love the holidays. It can be difficult to come up with ways to market your wellness business during the holidays.

Here are 5 marketing ideas we found for your wellness business during the holidays:

Start Promotions

Holidays are one of the most important times to promote your business. People are in the holiday spirit and want to have a relaxed body and a calm mind. There are various ways you can promote your wellness business during holidays:

  • Self promotion:
    Promote your wellness business on your social media platforms and blogs. You can promote your range of services through Facebook and Instagram posts and stories and through emails as well as promoting through ads on the same platforms.
  • Cross promotion:
    You can partner up with other businesses and promote your wellness business through those businesses. At the same time, you can promote your partner's business to your audience. This will help you in increasing the awareness about your wellness business to new people and get more customers.
  • Corporate promotion:
    A different way of promoting your wellness business is to collaborate with a corporate business. Offer a free class in their office premises to their employees since people need to wind off and be stress free during holidays. Through this, more people will become aware about your business and will want to become a member.
Types of Promotions

Organize Holiday Giveaways

Contests and giveaways always help during the holiday season as people are looking for gifts and are in a good spirit to participate in various activities. You can host contests and giveaways on your social media accounts as well as at your wellness club.

  • You can host giveaways on your Facebook and Instagram pages. You can set a simple criteria where you'll randomly select people who liked or commented on the post and give them the limited number of gifts.
  • You can organize contests and competitions at your wellness clubs such as taking meditation sessions for 60 days straight where the winner gets a free one on one session or a free one-month membership
  • You can run fun polls on your social media platforms among your members. The member with the maximum votes will get free merchandise and other free goodies.
Examples of Holiday Giveaways


Host Holiday-themed Events

Holiday Social Event

Let your wellness business embrace the holiday season. Host various holiday-themed events at your establishment. Let these events be open to your members and their friends and family along with new people who may want to take your services after enjoying such events.

You can have a different event for every holiday. You can start with decorations for a holiday a week before and host the event right around that holiday. From Halloween, Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year's, there are many holidays on which you can organize amazing social events from brunches to dinners.

Such events will make your existing customers feel valued and happy and at the same time will spread a good word about your services to more people which can lead to more customers and a growth for your wellness business.


Provide Special Classes

People usually want to unwind during the holidays, get their mind off work to relax and feel calm. This is where your wellness business comes in. Provide special classes and sessions during the holidays such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises and massage therapies.

  • You can offer classes to your loyal members once a week on month during the holidays
  • You can have a free weekly session for new people. Promote the session on your social media platforms to spread awareness about these sessions and classes.
  • You can organize online meditation sessions so your members can attend with their family right from the comfort of their home
  • You can also put up short videos on simple meditation and mindfulness exercises on your Instagram page and YouTube channel for people to feel relaxed and calm
Examples of Special Holiday Classes


Offer Holiday Discounts and Deals

Discounts and deals are a no brainer when it comes to marketing during the holiday season. Provide huge discounts on your services along with package deals at your wellness club.

Make sure to offer discounts and deals not just to new members but to your existing loyal customers as well so they also feel valued.

  • Offer 40% discount on memberships for your existing customers
  • Offer limited time deals for your existing members along with their friends or family members
  • Offer limited time deals and discounts along with free merchandise to new members
Examples of Discounts and Deals


You could also use communication tools in order to communicate with your customers telling them all the details about the services you are providing


Remember to stay in the holiday spirit and use these ideas to market your wellness business successfully and grow your business. Don't get too focussed into your business, enjoy the holidays yourself with your friends and family. Don't stress yourself while trying to de-stress everyone else during this happy time!