5 Top Tips for Wellness Entrepreneurs to Grow Email Subscriber List

Marketing Oct 26, 2020

As a wellness entrepreneur, you want to reach out to people who need your help to improve their health and to be successful with this, you need a good client base.

But attracting clients can be hard to achieve when first starting, and it can be a struggle to retain customers even when you are an established wellness entrepreneur.

One of the most efficient ways to both attract and retain clients is to increase your email subscribers. By setting out an email marketing strategy, you can increase your client base and boost your revenue.

Creating an email list by gathering website visitors and providing them with information, updates and discounts for your services and products will help you grow your business revenue.

Email has the highest conversion rate for purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message. This is higher than other marketing tools, including social media.

But how do you go about attracting clients and building your email subscribers? We have put together a guide on how to build your email list as a wellness entrepreneur.

Here are our 5 top tips for wellness entrepreneurs on how to grow your email subscribers:

Create Call to Action Buttons on your Website

Most people scan websites when they first land on them, rather than reading text word for word, which is why including a call to action button is imperative.

As a wellness entrepreneur, you want to grab the attention of your visitors immediately.

A call to action button is placed on the landing pages of your website to guide visitors towards your goal conversion.

  • Call to action buttons draw significant attention and can gain up to 28% more click-throughs than just using text.
  • Using power words, such as "create", "try" and "free" create an emotive response in readers, making them more likely to sign-up as an email subscriber.
  • Combine these power terms with compelling words such as "get", "access" and "instant" to show that email subscribers will gain valuable benefits from signing up right now.

Gaining email subscribers is much easier when you introduce a pop-up call to action on your wellness website with impactful and irresistible phrasing.  Try our suggestions above and watch customer sign-ups soar.

Offer Freebies or Discounts for Email Subscriptions

Providing something free that is hugely valuable to your target audience will increase your email subscribers and ultimately your customer base.

This will also make you stand out against the other wellness entrepreneurs out there.

For example:

  • Within your call to action pop-up, offering a free ebook for email subscribers will encourage sign-ups.
  • You can also offer discounts for email subscribers for their first purchase after joining your email list.
  • Don't neglect existing clients - make year-round promotional emails for national holidays or the customer's birthday.
  • Don't forget to use power phrases as mentioned above, such as "get instant free access" to encourage sign-ups.

By using an effective one-time discount, such as 20% off your services or products, can immediately convert email subscribers into buyers.

Devise Segmented Email Newsletters for Customer Personalisation

Segmentation means dividing up your email subscribers into lists based on their personalised preferences.

Segmented emails are 18 times more powerful at generating revenue than general emails which aren't personalised.

You can achieve segmentation by asking customers a few questions when they first sign-up, for example:

  • Asking their location, gender and age can create user demographics among your email subscribers.
  • Establish what kind of emails your subscribers want, such as discounts, event details, newsletters etc.
  • Ask about their purchase history to find out what kind of products your email subscribers like.

By creating segmented emails, you will boost your visibility as a wellness entrepreneur by adding value and personalisation to your email subscribers.


Use Customer Stories and Testimonials as an Incentive to Sign-Up

Real-world success stories are irresistible to individuals who want to see the proof in another person's health transformation.

Attract new customers by sharing transformation journeys and client testimonials in your email newsletters.

By creating customer stories, your readers will easily remember the information shared as dopamine is released by the brain, creating a higher chance of taking action after reading your email.

Other ways you can create stories, as well as client testimonials, include:

  • "Special Occasion" stories - perhaps your company is celebrating its first anniversary, and so is sharing discounts for those who become an email subscriber.
  • Sharing your "origin" story, that is, how you came to be a wellness entrepreneur.
  • Storytelling about your "vision", such as what you want to achieve with your brand.

Sharing customer stories or storytelling about your journey as a wellness entrepreneur is a fun and creative way to attract new clients and is bound to encourage email subscribers.


Host Wellness Webinars and Offer Places to Email Subscribers

With the average webinar attendee session time being up to one hour, webinars have proven to drive more engagement than any other content.

The founder of Femtrepreneur, Mariah Coz, gained almost 600 new email subscribers within only 48 hours of promoting one of her webinars.

You can host wellness webinars to increase your email subscribers by:

  • Giving free places for your wellness webinar to those who sign-up to your email list.
  • Offer access to archived wellness webinars to email subscribers.
  • Convert social media followers into email subscribers by promoting your webinars on your different channels

Hosting webinars will also generate awareness of you as a wellness entrepreneur and the services you have to offer.

According to Adobe, 51% of visitors on webinar landing pages convert into email subscribers, so make sure you have good promotion on your website (see our advice on creating a call to action buttons above).


Keep up the good work

Building a good email list is not just about attracting new email subscribers, but also nurturing the existing audience you already have. Don't forget to consistently offer great content, advice and offers throughout the year.

Your email list is imperative to building your revenue as a wellness entrepreneur, so keep up the hard work and watch your email subscribers, along with your business, grow.

Credits -  Charlotte Osborn