10 Ways to Market Your Yoga Studio to Teens

Marketing Oct 17, 2020

Yoga contributes a major benefit to the students of all ages, strengthening the physical and mental health which includes; increase core strength, reduce stress, provides balance and inner peace which is a perk to teenage students. Therefore, targeting teenagers could offer a major advantage to your yoga business.

Teenagers usually face challenges such as the stress of exams, and a desire to stay healthy. Promoting your yoga studio to one such demographic can help you strike two concerns, one where you can serve them a healthy alternative to relieve and balance their hectic teenage lives, and the other is to market your yoga studio to an entirely new community of clients.

Here are 10 possible ways you can choose to market your yoga studio to the teenagers:

Offer Exciting Deals

One of the simplest things you can do is to offer appealing deals and discounts to your teen customers. All you need to do is understand their mindset and provide relevant offers to them. You can offer something friendly and inviting to encourage maximum teenage participation.

For Example:

  • Offer 25% discounts during
  • Offer a free month when a customer signs up for a year
  • Offer packaged discounted deals for friends who want to join together


Provide Engaging Yoga Content to Teens

Providing engaging and high quality yoga content will attract the attention of teen clients and keep them connected to your yoga studio.

You can create content through various mediums such as blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. Start with explaining the numerous benefits of yoga on physical and mental health. Also, share various home yoga workouts that your audience can try easily.

This strategy can ultimately help you in promoting and marketing your yoga studio.

This is the example of Wanderlust that is providing unique and lively yoga practices for teens.One of them is energizing flow yoga class that is easy and effective especially for teens.


Offer a Free Session

Offering a trial session would be the best way to develop a healthy relationship with your teens. It will help you in building their interest in yoga by showing how it can be fun and health driven at the same time. They'll be eager to join your yoga studio after completely understanding the benefits of yoga.

This might also influence them to reach out to their friends who they feel can also benefit from your yoga studio.

Host Fun Yoga Workshops

Holding workshops will not only give a view of your yoga studio but also divert the focus of teens towards specific objectives of yoga. Provide practice, theory, and lectures to increase the value of your yoga studio to teens.

These workshops will spread the essence of yoga through your yoga studio workshops. You can highlight the importance of yoga in lifestyle to your teen clients. Keep your workshop fun learning in order to attract the attention of teenagers.


Market Through Referral Program

Using a referral program is one of the easiest ways to attract new clients through your existing yoga members. You can earn new members through the reference of your present yoga clients. It helps you in enhancing customer retention, lifetime value, and revenue generation.

You can hold workshops to publicize your yoga studio to teens in a better way for a maximum number of visits.

Ask for referral through your existing members and keep a check on the new members to reward the referring patients.

Be friendlier with teens so that they will refer your studio to their social circle and hence increase the chances of referrals.


Organize Fun Yoga Challenges

To add a quirky element to your yoga studio for teen clients, you can organize fun to do challenges. This will boost the confidence of teenagers in yoga practices, cause the maximum participation of clients and push their limits to attain certain goals. You can arrange different types of challenges like:

  • Imitate the given five yoga postures, in which teens will copy various yoga poses.
  • Practice yoga for about 2-3 hours a day.
  • Group challenges, in which you can form groups and do a yoga face off.
  • Hold the yoga pose for maximum time.


Keep Your Yoga Studio Updated

Teenagers are more inclined towards a unique and trendy approach. Keep your yoga studio updated in terms of yoga exercises, classes you offer, and the look of your studio rather than following monotonous yoga class patterns. Use your imagination and recreate a traditional yoga class into an indulging experience for teen clients.

  • Consider fun alternatives like aerial yoga, acrobatics, Yin yoga, CrossFit yoga, etc.
  • You can also customize your studio with cool and trendy designs to bring out a fresh and comforting environment for teens
  • Organize events with famous yoga personalities to gain popularity and extend the reach of your yoga studio
  • Allow the teen customers to follow the dress code of their choice

Promotion Through Customer Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program is one of the ways to market your yoga business for long-term revenue and a consistent client base. Encourage visits by offering loyalty reward programs, in which you can praise your teen clients through prizes and perks.

Think about what the children of a particular age group admires the most in terms of Rewards and gifts. Offer your yoga studio merchandise, technical gifts, free pass, special yoga sessions, e-books, etc.

Motivating your teen customers and rewarding them will help you keep them tied with your yoga studio and their recommendation to other friends can even increase the chances of new memberships.


Stay in Touch with Your Email Subscribers

Email marketing is the best way to keep updating your teen clients. Send them engaging emails that include CTA, sign-ups, subscriptions, and specific content that boosts their interest in your yoga studio.

Send them intriguing email newsletters on weekly / monthly basis and offer exciting competition, free trials, or yoga sessions to stay in touch with your email list.

Update your email list by regularly removing the people who don't engage with your emails. If you don't update on a consistent basis then chance are, your email may start ending up in the SPAM folder.

Engage Actively on Social Media

The primary task is to draw the attention of teenagers to your yoga business. For this, you need to know the platforms where teenagers hang out often and then plan your strategy accordingly to trigger their interest in yoga.

Social Media is one of the definite platforms where you can search for a particular age group. Meanwhile, you need to adapt simple tactics to catch their attention towards your yoga business.

  • You can post engaging yoga videos and images featuring teens on Instagram to grab the attention of teenagers.
  • Follow the teen influencers on Instagram to get an idea of what appeals to the particular age group the most.
  • Use YouTube to promote yoga for teenagers by steaming classes, posting yoga videos, and teen-related content.
  • On Facebook, you can create yoga health groups specifically for teenagers.
  • You can look for teenagers on Quora and highlight the benefits of yoga to attract their attention.

Emerge Your Yoga Studio

Follow these suggestions and sustain the virtue of your Yoga studio with a modern and effective approach to draw the attention of Teen customers. These innovative methods will not only help you boost your yoga business but alongside spread the idea of Yoga amongst the younger generation.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish