6 Ways to Promote Your Gym for Kids

Marketing Sep 21, 2020

Recently, a lot of gyms have started expanding their services towards kids as well. It has been a positive move as kids are not able to participate in physical activities in this digital age.

Still, it can get difficult to promote such services for kids because it is difficult to influence parents with the idea of sending their kids to gyms or fitness studios.

Here are 6 ways in which you can promote your gym for kids and ensure parents that they're making the right decision:

Ensure a kid-friendly environment in your gym

Your gym should have a kid-friendly environment so parents and kids both feel comfortable to come and enjoy the classes.

It should look like a place that's just for them. You should have a section that's designed for the kids. Make it colourful so it becomes easily noticeable to them.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Take classes in groups
  • Don't keep it quiet, make the place full of music and fun games
  • Keep an assigned person who takes all the family information of the kids and handles any problems that the kids may face during their time at the gym
  • Maintain a stock of essentials such as water, sanitizer, hand wipes, and first aid kits, etc
  • Keep comfortable timings so that parents are not disturbed during their work and kids don't have to miss their school.

Organize a kids-focused social event in your gym

Organizing social events is a great way of promoting your gym’s offerings. People get to explore and experience your establishment and get to have fun at the same time.

You can show how much fun classes can be for kids by hosting a family event. It will help the kids to get familiarized with the surroundings, meet other kids who have already coming to classes and be introduced to the gym staff as well.

On the other hand, the families will also be able to experience and understand whether the gym is good and safe for their kids.

You can use your Facebook and Instagram pages to promote the event to increase awareness. You can also give the event pamphlets and brochures, and tell your existing gym members to bring their families to the event.


Keep it safe for kids

Keep in mind to make the place as safe as possible. You can make your gym filled with activities, music, games and colours but if the parents feel that your gym or fitness studio is not safe, they won't let their kids join.

Some tips you can follow to maintain safety -

  • Give proper training to instructors and help them learn how kids fitness regime is different from that of adults.
  • Design classes and activities that are appropriate for children
  • Have necessary medicines and first aid kit available all the time along with a certified medical professional
  • Make sure that the floors are well-cushioned so kids don't harm themselves by falling while playing and exercising

Provide packaged deals and discounts on gym memberships dedicated to kids

Discounts and deals have always been one of the best ways to promote your gym's services. Your gym or fitness studio can provide various deals and discounts such as:

  • You can offer a combined membership package for a family at a special price
  • You can provide a packaged offering for a school’s students
  • You can also provide free merchandise on a membership offer
Examples of Packaged Deals and Discounts

Run gym referral programs for kids

Referral programs have always been one of the best ways of promoting a fitness business. You can set up a referral program for your existing members to promote your gym for kids. Most parents take decisions easily after getting recommendations from their friends and family.

You can run a referral program where you can reward the members who refer your gym to a friend or a family member.


Share your specific knowledge

To get more kids to join your gym, you need to show your expertise to build trust and increase credibility in parents' eyes. Use social media to not only spread the word about your services for kids but also show why parents should let their kids go to your gym.

A few simple ways you can use social media to share your expertise:

  • Create educational content on your Facebook and Instagram pages relating to kids’ health and fitness
  • Send guides and newsletters through emails to your subscribers having information on various topics like
    1. "How to get your kids active?"
    2. "How to make a nutritious meal plan for your children?"
    3. "Why are physical activities important for kids?"
Health-focused blog topic examples
  • Show various parents' testimonials on your websites which will help to build more trust among people towards your gym
  • Along with the testimonials, post a few pictures and videos of kids at your gym involved in various activities



These 6 ways can help you in promoting your gym's services for kids, creating more awareness and helping in growing your customer base. Make sure that kids have fun and love all the activities and classes you organize for them.