10 Tips to Attract High Ticket Coaching Clients

Marketing Oct 27, 2020

While a lot of low paying and short term clients may help you survive for the short term, they won't help you grow your business and earn high revenue consistently.

To expand your business and earn higher revenue, you need to focus on getting the high ticket clients who will stay with your coaching business for a long time.

But attracting such high ticket clients can be tough.

Some of the reasons are:

  • High ticket clients have higher consideration factors and will only sign up when they trust you.
  • There may already be a lot of competition near your coaching business establishment which those clients may prefer.

Below are 10 tips to help you attract high ticket clients for your coaching business:

Create a Niche

Offering many services randomly to different types of people without any clarity won't help your coaching business.

For example, if you offer various services such as weight loss plans, meal plans, etc to people of all age groups and genders, you won't be able to sustain your business. The reason is that such information is already widely available on the internet or available with many experts who specialise at one of such things.

You need to define a niche for your business and work on targeting your services to that niche. This will help you in attracting the clients who actually need your services and who would be willing to pay more and stay for the long term.

To define your niche you need to:

  • Find out what you're exceptionally good at
  • Understand the pain points that can be solved from your skills and knowledge
  • Find the people who are facing such pain points and want a special solution

For example:
You can set your target audience as fathers who want to get better at their health and fitness and be a better role model to their family. Show how your skill set and services can help them achieve their goals and how you can differentiate your business from all the other businesses in the industry.

Working and providing excellent service to your niche will also influence your clients to spread a kind word about your business with the right kind of people who would be interested in your services.

Set up a Referral Program

Once you have created a niche and have started getting in some clients for your coaching business, start a referral program. A referral program is a simple way of getting more high ticket clients without spending too much on promotions.

How to do that?

Offer amazing benefits along with top notch service to your existing clients so they let others know how awesome you are and convince them to get your services.

Once they join, you can go back to your clients and offer them benefits such as:

  • A free special session. For example: Along with your regular fitness classes, you can offer a free session of nutrition coaching.
  • A discounted 3-month package
  • Or 12 sessions at the price of 10


Show Your Expertise through Engaging Content

People usually tend to trust and pay more to the experts. To get those high ticket clients, you can't only rely on your services. You also have to build trust in people regarding your knowledge and skill set.

Showing your expertise makes people believe that you know what you're doing. It also improves the perceived brand image and credibility of your personal coaching business.

Here are ways in which you can show your expertise:

  • Create and share educational videos on Instagram and YouTube
  • Start an educational blog on topics such as "7 day weight loss meal plan", "how to cook nutritious home food", etc and start distributing your content on social media as well.

This is what Samantha Gladish, a holistic nutritionist, does on a regular basis. She helps women with weight loss and hormone fixes with engaging content in all formats: blog, videos and podcast.


Conduct Workshops

By conducting free workshops and coaching sessions, you'll be able to educate people by showcasing your knowledge and skills, increase awareness of your business and create more demand for your services.

Specifically, workshops have these benefits that other content types don't:

  • They help your audience to learn in a more informal and structured environment
  • Your audience get time to ask questions freely and address their doubts
  • You get time to not only educate them about health and fitness but explain them your service. At the end of every workshop, you can provide basic information such as your contact details and the services offered by your business along with their prices.

Plus, you also get to take their basic information such as email address and other contact information so you can add them to your email list. You can use it to keep them in the loop about your services, offer them free consultation, send them your weekly newsletters, and promote any upcoming events and offers.

It can become a start of a great relationship.

Should it be paid or free?

That depends. If you are just starting and have a low audience base, it is a good idea to start with free workshops. Once you have developed that trust and have a decent base, you can start charging for them as well. They can become your another source of revenue.


Stay in Touch With Your Subscribers

By providing all the educational content and conducting various webinars and workshops, you'll have a strong email list of various high ticket potential clients.

Formulate an email marketing strategy to attract more high ticket clients.

The best way to start is to send them a welcome email. Subsequently, you can offer them your educational content. In between, you can promote your offers and workshops.

A good model to follow is the 4:1:1 model i.e. for every 4 piece of educational content, you can send 1 low level offer such as a group workshop or consultation session and 1 high level offer such as a discount on your 12 month plan.  

A good way to maintain schedule is to send weekly / monthly newsletters educating people more and explaining more about the services your coaching business offers and their benefits.

PS: Don't send too many emails as that most of your list might feel overwhelmed and in turn may unsubscribe. Also, do keep your email list clean. If someone is not regularly engaging with your emails, keep deleting those contacts. Or else, the email service providers would start landing your emails in 'Promotion' or 'SPAM' folder.

Offer Free Consultation

One of the simplest ideas to attract more clients to your coaching business is to provide a free consultation. This gives potential clients an idea of what they'll be in for them if they take up your services.

Offering a free consultation helps in building trust around your business as people get to experience your services with a first person point of view instead of relying on your word and other people's reviews and testimonials.

You can even use free consultations as a collaboration or a limited period offer:

  • You can collaborate with a nearby wellness center than can provide coupons to their customers for a free consultation with you and in return, you can provide coupons of free massage sessions at their wellness center.
  • You can run a free consultation week and promote it on your website and social media accounts

Organize Challenges and Contests

Organizing contests and challenges is one of the most fun and creative ways that can help you attract high ticket clients to your coaching business. They increase motivation in existing members and attract new clients into taking your services.

You can organize both online and physical challenges and contests such as:

  • Weight loss challenges and running polls on Instagram Stories to decide winners
  • Giveaways and contests on your Facebook and Instagram pages where the winner gets rewarded according to the winning criteria (such as most likes or comments on a post)
  • Monthly fitness challenges where the member who completes the challenge fastest gets rewarded


Be Active on Social Media

Maintaining a presence and staying active on various social media platforms helps you to engage with your target audience, build a community, share content and educate the audience, promote your business and its services and helps you build credibility around your coaching business. Social media platforms also help in promoting your business through ads.

While there are numerous social media platforms, here are some that you should be using:

  • Facebook
    Needless to say, Facebook has the highest number of users. More importantly, it is the best platform to build dedicated communities through Facebook Groups. This is where you get to engage with your audience and understand their challenges. You can then go back and offer dedicated services to them. Since Facebook has such a big audience base, you can also use Facebook ads to promote your coaching business by targeting people who come right under your niche.
  • Instagram
    Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms right now. Post pictures and videos of various coaching services you provide. Go live to connect with your followers and show them what's going on.
  • Pinterest
    Pinterest is a social media platform that allows people to find inspiration and ideas related to their interests. All the Pins are linked to websites making it a great platform for driving traffic. You can use Pinterest as a great SEO tool to generate more leads for your coaching business.
  • Quora
    Quora is a Q&A platform which is great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You can answer various questions related to your business and services. You can use this platform to further distribute your educational content on health and fitness and around topics such as weight loss and meal plans.

Focus on Clients Who Want a Lasting Relationship

You want to attract and get high ticket clients to earn high revenue consistently for a long period.

Here are a few benefits of working with the clients who want a lasting relationship:

  • A long term client will help you earn extra revenue by bringing in similar people to your business and increasing your high ticket client list
  • Having long term clients also increases the brand value and image of your business and gives you a strong position over the competition
  • High ticket clients who want a lasting relationship will also help you to expand your network as you will be able to connect with their professional contacts
Benefits of having long term clients

Build Your Network

Building your network by communicating and meeting other coaches and professionals in the same industry can help to attract more high ticket clients. It also helps you to understand the trends going on around, other coaches' types of clients and what they are doing differently to get their high ticket clients.

Reach out to professionals in other related fields as well. This will help in having access to those people who can turn out to be potential clients for your business who you might have missed while building your niche.

While good network helps you to expand the business and get more high ticket clients, it also helps during the difficult periods to survive in the industry and keep up with the competition.


Use these tips along with providing amazing services to attract the high ticket clients. Remember that the job is not done just after getting these clients. Treat them well and keep them happy so they stay with you for the long term and recommend your services to their friends and family members as well.