4 Simple Ways to Find Content Ideas for Personal Trainers

Marketing Nov 21, 2020

“Content is the king!” You must have heard this phrase. The content you create is a medium to communicate with your respective audience. Being a personal trainer, post regular and engaging content, it will help you deliver your message to your customers or potential customers, educate them about you, and persuade them to avail of your services. The high-quality content attracts many clients, and it also improves your image.

Content creation is very important for your personal training business because:

  • It helps you build relationships as when the readers read your content they develop trust in you so it becomes important that you create good quality content.
  • It helps to establish, share, and strengthen your brand.
  • It provides benefits to your readers by providing them knowledge or entertainment so they don’t return empty-handed.

In this article, I'll tell you the ways to find content ideas for your personal training business, best content ideas, and examples that you can share on your website or social media. But before beginning, let us see how to find out the content ideas.

How to Come Up with Content Ideas for Personal Trainers

Keep up with the trend

Use trending hashtags, see what people like most on social media, monitor Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook regularly, 3 most popular social media handles, and keep up with the latest trend. Post what your clients or viewers expect from you and your page.

For example:

In this pandemic, when everyone has been at home because of the lockdown, you could post about home workouts to stay healthy and in shape.

Pay Attention to the Feedbacks

After posting something, whether a blog or a post on social media, check out how people are finding it to be? Are they liking it? What else do they expect? Check the comments and ask them what do they need your next topic to be, what do they want you to cover?

You can also create a topic from their queries.

For example:

If a person comments or emails you about how to lose weight without dieting? You can create this topic and post a blog on it.

It is the best and the easiest way to know what content ideas to pick, as it is suggested by your followers only.

Google Search Suggestions

Get a basic idea of what you want to write about and just type it on google.

You can see the suggestions on which you can create a blog. You can cover every topic from these suggestions. Google shows the most trending topics in the suggestions. If you are struggling to find popular topics, sign in to Google Alerts or monitor Google Trends and you’ll receive an email daily around the stories and content relevant to your keyword. You can also look at the “People also ask” box for content ideas.

Track Competitors Social Media Sites and Websites

If you’re not sure what to post, check the social media handles of your competitors or their websites for blog ideas. You can observe what they’re posting and get an idea of your next post. You have a tremendous advantage here as you can get inspired by their post ideas and create a better one or maybe post about the same topic, but better than theirs.

6 Content Creation Mediums for Personal Trainers


Blog posts are ideal for building relationships with your readers. Maintaining a consistent blog with frequent and high-quality content also helps you drive traffic to your site because blogging is the most accessible type of content marketing. Blog posts should be of at least 1500 words with the primary motive of educating people and to solve their problems. Give them a reason to avail of your services through your blog posts.

Topics you should cover in your blog post: Tips and tricks on muscle building, fat loss, muscle building plan for 10 weeks, diet plans, etc.

You can also check out David King’s blogs on his website. He’s a film and online personal trainer.


Videos leave a long-lasting impression on people's minds. It's dynamic, engaging, and one of the best content marketing strategies. Most people prefer watching videos rather than reading texts. You can post videos on your website, YouTube, or social media pages. They can also be coordinated with the blogs and make them more impactful.

What type of videos can you post?

  • Post your first video as a personal introduction to connect with people.
  • You can post inspirational videos such as client success stories, how to overcome obstacles and setbacks, benefits of meditation.
  • Post educational/training videos like how to squat, 10 mins Ab workout, bodyweight exercises, and much more.
  • You can post promotional videos such as client testimonials,  Ad campaigns, teasers.
  • You can also post videos of behind the scenes and shout outs.
  • Post live videos of training, challenges, and events.
  • Must add thankyou videos as it builds a personal connection.


E-books are an excellent way to break up long content into digestible chapters. It's a great lead magnet and also helps you build an email list. It also establishes your expert status. You can click here to check out the steps to make your own ebook. Make sure you offer value to the client via your ebook. Creating an Ebook can be a daunting task, but you can always freelance it to the writers who have experience with writing them.

For example:

You can write an ebook on exercises, diets, health care issues, first aid, massage, weight loss, women’s health, and many more.

You can always choose the topic as per your niche.


Infographics allow you to present a lot of information in a visual format where it's interesting and easy to grab. Keep it simple & clear and organize it properly. Infographics can generate backlinks that can drive your SEO. It can easily grab attention and boost your value.

For more infographic examples on health and fitness click here.

Free Vector | Fitness infographics set


A vlog or a video blog is a blog formed by the medium of video, which comprises embedded video with supporting texts, images, and metadata. It is a way to connect to the wider audience on a personal level. It is documenting a person's life or on a certain topic, hobby, and can be both instructional and entertaining. It is getting popular, and it's one of the best ways for a personal trainer to connect to people from different parts of the world.

You can cover your client's progress in a vlog with his/her permission and inspire them to create a vlog too and share it on the social media platforms as it's a good way to promote yourself and it will spread the word about you.

You can check out various fitness vloggers by clicking here.


Podcasts are more captivating than texts. People prefer to listen to podcasts than to read lengthy blogs or articles. As a personal trainer, you can start your fitness podcast and talk about weight loss, health, and much more. It can be motivational and educational. Just make sure that the audience doesn't lose interest. You can also record a trailer podcast for your E-books, so that people can listen to it and if they like they can download it or purchase it.

Other than that, you can interview various fitness people, famous or not, or the interviews with your clients describing their journey with you in a podcast. It will be good for your image in the community and will also get you some leads.

You can distribute it through outlets like iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, etc. You can also add the podcast to your website.

To Conclude

Use the 4 simple ways to get the best content ideas for your personal training business and select your combination of content mediums that can help you engage the most with your audience and build a strong connection with them.

Credits - Ishneet Kaur