8 Simple Ways to Get Coaching Clients Online

Marketing Nov 28, 2020

Once you launch your business online, the first step is to have a well-thought process to attract customers. The client acquisition process is the most important asset for any business.  To find coaching clients online, you need to be strategic and look for relevant platforms that can cater your interest.

Since many people are spending time online during this pandemic, this is a great opportunity for you to look for coaching clients online. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get coaching clients online:

Identify Your Niche

The first and foremost step for any successful business is having a defined niche. Your niche is your area of expertise. What you need to do is have a well-defined niche so that your coaching clients will know what you are and what you do. For finding your niche, start by identifying the problems that people have and then help them solve the problems. This way you can give your clients a clear picture of your area of expertise and know what they think of you as a coach.

You can define your niche by:

  • Identifying what you are good at.
  • Identify how that ‘good’ can help people
  • Differentiate your services from other coaches are in the same niche as yours.

Following these steps will help you stand out and attract clients towards you and your business.

Host Challenges

You can organise challenges to engage a fresh audience. It is a simple way to attract coaching clients online.

You can run contests for your followers on social media like Instagram and Facebook. You can even give exclusive challenges to your email subscribers asking them to use referrals and awarding them in return.

Do not forget to reward your participants by giving them rewards such as discounts on their next membership or shout out on social media.

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For Example:

If you are a fitness coach, ask your clients to do a 7-day workout video challenge, where you can ask for followers to shoot their workout video for 7 days and post on their Social Media tagging you. Then after 7 days you can select the best ones who were consistent and give them rewards like 15% discount on their next membership.

Also, share their journey on your social media to attract new coaching clients.


Create Compelling Offers

Identify and promote offers that your target audience just cannot decline. To create irresistible offers, you need to ask yourself the following questions,

  • What is the price of my services?
  • How can I add more offers to make it more appealing?
  • Can I add direct access to myself to increase the value provided?

Once you answer these questions, you can create interesting offers that will attract new coaching clients by offering discounts or a freebie.

Here is an example of Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant Michelle Dwyer who offers a complimentary discovery session when you sign up with her.

Provide Engaging Content

Provide valuable and engaging content. Make sure you add value to your client while sharing content. This will help you attract new coaching clients who see your content online. Use various services such as blogs and videos.


A blog can position you even more as an expert because they focus on a niche. Write various blog posts sharing your knowledge and adding value to your customer. To attract clients as a Coach, you need to start blogging. To do so, you need to write blogs on topics you are specialized in.

For example, if you are specialized in women’s health or weight loss, you need to post content accordingly.

Add a variety of topics like nutrition, fitness, mindset, etc. for maximum reach and attracting coaching clients.

Some tips that you can follow for your coaching blog:

  • Have a minimum of 6 blog posts to start with.
  • Aim for 1000-2000 words to give maximum value to your content.
  • Start with the problem, offer a solution. For example, how do I lose weight and keep it off? What are the most important grocery items to buy organic? Why am I so tired all the time? etc.


Post informative and focused video content on social media or YouTube to attract customers. It is a simple equation; the more value you provide, the more coaching clients you are going to attract.

Some ideas for video content:

  • Make a personal branding video or video bio about yourself.
  • Make a Q/A video and answer frequently asked questions that you get on various platforms.
  • Interview another coach or even your own client and make a testimonial video.


Podcasting allows distribution of information in the form of audio that your coaching clients can access anytime. Create podcasts so that your clients can listen to them while commuting to work or to your coaching centre. By doing so, you ensure that every minute of your clients’ valuable time is utilised, and it helps to attract new coaching clients.

Make your podcast entertaining and informative and it should not sound monotonous. Provide value to your audience that will make them re-listen to you with a desire to look forward to your next podcast.

Remember to add a CTA at the end of a podcast by encouraging your clients to sign up for your newsletter or follow your website and your social media account for more valued content.


Use Social Media

Social media is the best way to engage with your audience anytime. If you are looking to get coaching clients online social media is the best platform to do so. It helps spread the word easily, build your brand value and allows you to connect with more and more people.

Here are some of the social media platforms that you can use to attract clients for your coaching business:

Share valuable information through Instagram posts and stories. Create engaging content like tips and tricks that would benefit the client and add a CTA (call to action) like, comment and tell which tip you found the most helpful. The more your existing clients engage with you the more exposure you will get and that will get new coaching clients.

For example, Nick Makris on Instagram shares valuable information to his clients stating the benefits of almonds. You can do something like it.

Creating Facebook Community Groups is another smart way of getting coaching clients online. Here you can connect with every client individually and give personalised feedback and training. Ask your existing clients to add their friends and family and the group or refer your group to them. Joining a group where valuable information is being provided that too for free is bound to make people join the group and attract new clients.

Twitter is another great platform to generate traffic to your website. Use the right hashtags and the right headlines with a link to your website/blog that will attract the Twitter audience.

Send Newsletters Regularly

New visitors will come to your website from your blog and social media. Make sure you grab this opportunity to retain these customers and offer special content to them

Here is what you can do:

  • Get people sign up to your mailing list and offer valuable content to them
  • Engage with your mailing list and keep your audience informed about the new things you have to offer.
  • Build rapport by mailing them personalized tips.


Organize Webinars

One of the best marketing strategies for coaches is hosting events and webinars. Public speaking can help you spread your knowledge and increase your credibility.

Organize webinars and share your knowledge and experience with them.

If you are starting out with webinars, then you can keep the first few webinars free, and then when you start gaining traction you can start paid webinars.

Business video call on laptop

Some tips for your first webinar:

  • Be passionate and energetic
  • Encourage audience engagement
  • Create engaging slides

For example:

You can organize a ‘Weight Loss Breakthrough Session’ where you can keep your audience engaged by offering them initial consultations and the follow-up.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing focuses on using key leaders in your niche to drive your brand’s image. Reaching out to influencers that excel in your niche can be one of the fastest ways to get many coaching clients easily for your coaching business

Reach out to influencers and find out if you can collaborate with them in a way which is beneficial for both. You can either pay them to advertise your services or plan an event that benefits both.

You can also interview these influencers in your videos or podcast help them get more followers which in turn will help you get more coaching clients for your coaching business.


Following these steps, you can get coaching clients online for your coaching business no matter which segment you are working in. Remember, your clients are looking for value, make sure you provide the best value out there.

Credits - Nikita Gupta