7 Simple Ways to Get Personal Training Clients Fast

Marketing Nov 25, 2020

To find your personal training clients fast, you need to be strategic. Clients build the base of your business and to get clients at a fast pace, you need to search at the relevant platforms and target an audience that caters to your interest.

You need to adopt those methods that are both in your budget and make full use of potential platforms available, this way is best suited to gather more clients to your personal training business and add more value to it.

We have come up with 7 full proof approaches you can apply to get clients for personal training fast:

Connect with Your Target Clients on Social Media Groups

To build a real engagement with your potential clients, you can start online groups for a specific audience that is interested in your personal training business.

Form groups on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit or Quora. The groups on such platforms act as a channel between you and your audience to connect more conveniently.

This is a fast pace method as compared to emails or text messages as it will help you develop stronger relationships with your clients within weeks.

While developing bonds in the groups or addressing clients, make sure to:

  • Look for groups where your ideal clients are available.
  • Provide a thorough introduction to yourself and your personal training business.
  • Be more social with your clients to engage and interest them in your personal training business.

Deliver Top Notch Content to Your Personal Training Clients

The most crucial step is to provide high quality and relevant content to your clients. Your content says a lot about your personal training business, hence it is necessary to focus on creating and offering the best content.

Deliver content that is engaging and useful for your target clients. Make a detailed evaluation of what your clients want? Assess their needs and give them solutions based on that.

Create valuable and beneficial articles, podcasts, guides, or videos. Keep a regular check on whether your services can meet the standards of your clients. Upgrade the quality of your content to attract your clients fast.

This is the example of Joe Dowdell is a famous strength coach and personal trainer from the United States. Providing effective fitness plans and personalized nutrition blueprints to the clients.


Offer Free Services to Your Clients

You can catch the attention of your clients towards personal training by giving free service or offers. Use this tactic to get your target clients just by offering something extra to your clients.

Understand your clients, give them free tips and advice. Show your expertise, lend them a helping hand to assess their problems, like helping them get a meal plan or brand recommendations.

Deliver more than the expectations of your clients. This way you can offer a ‘quick win’ to your clients. Show them that your personal training services are effective for the core of your clients. This way you can catch your clients as fast as possible.

This is the example of Free Trainers providing free customized exercise workout plans for their clients, that help them lose weight, gain muscle and increase cardiovascular fitness.

Go for Pay Per Click Advertising

It is an effective method to drive more traffic to your website, even on a small budget. It is an advertising method in which you can place your ads on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn by paying some amount. You can easily target your specific clients through this mode of advertising.

The most common PPC advertising available is Google AdWords. You can bid on specific keywords that relate to your personal training business and make them appear at the top of the search engine list.

You only have to pay whenever the user clicks your ads. As most of your target clients are available online, this can be a fast and impactful method to attract them to a personal training business.

Make Use of Your Existing Clients Through Referrals

Using a referral program is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to attract new clients fast by making use of your existing members. Word of mouth is a more reliable method to gather fresh clients for your personal training business at a faster pace. It also helps you in enhancing customer retention, lifetime value, and revenue generation.

  • You can hold workshops to publicize your personal training business in a better way for a maximum number of visits.
  • Ask for referral through your existing members and keep a track of the new members to reward the referring patients.
  • Be friendlier with your clients so they will refer your personal training business to their social circle and hence increase the chances of referrals.


Reach Out to Your Immediate Network

The quickest way to get new clients for your business is by collaborating your personal training business with businesses in the same industry such as a wellness center, yoga studio or a nutritionist.

Develop a partnership with such businesses which seem the most compatible with your personal training services as this will help in co-branding promotions, offering referrals, sharing marketing ideas, and leveraging the growth of your business by attracting new clients to personal training fast.

This networking will help you in bringing new clients to you personal training business rapidly.

Give Enticing Discounts to Your Personal Training Clients

Providing special discounts or enticing deals to your clients will encourage them to associate with your personal training business rapidly. Take a look at what services your clients are interested in the most or what deals excite your target audience.

  • Give a discount like 20% off on memberships for six months.
  • Offer free trials to new clients to provide them certainty about your personal training services.
  • Give special discounts to students, seniors, or families.
  • Offer great discounts on group training.

Find Your Way

These small strategies are easy to apply to get your clients at a fast pace. This way you can offer what your clients truly want and what they expect from your personal training services. Getting clients fast is a great deal to uplift the dynamics of your personal training business just in one shot.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish