9 Effective Ways to Grow Coaching Business

Marketing Nov 16, 2020

The health and fitness industry is one of the most competitive industries today. To survive in this industry, one must look out for ways to ensure constant growth.

The same applies to your coaching business as well. You need to have a running stream of revenue to constantly ensure the growth of your business. The simplest action to take is to work on getting more clients and at the same time keeping the existing clients happy.

This will help you grow your coaching business in terms of increased members and a stable revenue generation which will uplift your business to a competitive level.

Here are 9 effective ways that can help you grow your coaching business and get more clients:

Initiate Group Coaching

It is one of the simple ways to increase your clients. By dealing with a group of members you can channel your energy to a large number of clients in one go. It is a more profitable and less time-consuming method.

You can run group training programs where you can guide five to six clients or you can even open a community for them. This way you can build stronger connections with your clients in a limited time investment on your end and also lead the chances of increased participation of new clients.

Here is the example of Evercoach, the ultimate guide for group coaching to help you understand the aspects of group coaching.

Provide Online Courses

Online courses will allow you to attract the attention of your target audience towards your coaching. You can create online courses including relevant videos, lectures, and worksheets that are easily accessible to your clients.

You can also provide certificate programs cater to the interest of your clients like students by which you can guide and teach them in a designated time. Hence it is a more enhanced and in-depth method to grow your coaching business.

This is Coach Transformation Academy providing online training on transformation coaching.

Offer Exciting Products

To catch the attention of your suitable clients, you can provide accessories free of cost for both new and existing members.

Give them free merchandise like e-book, quizzes, e-courses, guides, or weekly tips. This will not only engage the interest of your clients but indirectly market your coaching business.

Provide Paid Content

You can offer paid information products like self-study programs like audio or video lectures and coaching workbooks.

By distributing high-quality and relevant content, you can boost your revenue generation along with benefitting your clients with useful content.

BigCommerce is the eCommerce platform that provides eCommerce solutions to growing businesses and allows you to create your online store.


Build a Community

By creating a high-value membership community, you can attract numerous clients and grow your coaching business. It allows you to sustain your members for a long time.

By creating a membership website, you can recur income and serve new content regularly. Engage your clients through challenges, exercise, and questionnaires with payments done on a monthly basis.

Use Facebook or telegram groups to build community and exchange relevant tips and tricks to be more involved with your members.

Here is a platform Podia which could help you build a memberships community.

Make Changes in the Price Structure

Using this way, you can grow your business and increase your revenue generation with a similar coaching pattern. It focuses on determining the right price for your coaching services.

Create a strategy by adjusting the current rates you offer on your services. You can create online packages to tweak your pricing or set up a premium price on the high quality and valuable services you deliver to the clients.

It is better if you track your monetary expense to understand the overall expense in your coaching business.

This is the example of Jenny Shih, an uncompromising business coach sharing an ultimate pricing strategy for coaching business.

Promote Your Coaching Business on Social Media Platforms

As most of your target audience can be present on social media platforms. You can advertise your coaching business online to increase brand awareness and catch your target clients.

  • Quora
    Use Quora to promote your coaching business. Provide free pieces of advice or tips, answer FAQs to solve queries of your clients.
  • Instagram
    Use Instagram to market your coaching through stories or posts. You can conduct simple surveys or Yes/No questions to know about your audience.
  • Twitter
    Use Twitter to tweet links of your coaching website or landing page to drive more traffic to your coaching.

Host Informative Workshops

Hold one to two hours of online sessions to provide informational content to the audience. This helps in building stronger client relationships by giving an insight into your coaching business.

Such workshops will motivate your clients and introduce them to aspects of your coaching skillfully. This will increase the chance of referrals.

This is the example of LucasRubix offering a workshop on his YouTube channel called 'the coaching channel' specified for an online coaching business.


Run Referral Programs

The best way to grow your business is by opting for this inexpensive and effective way in which you can use your existing members to bring a fresh crowd to your coaching.

  • Ask your clients directly for referrals by text, email, or call.
  • Keep a track of your new clients and put prizes or offers for your referring members.
  • Organize events or talk shows to increase the chances of referrals.


Build Your Coaching Network

The foremost aspect to grow your business is to expand your business by extending your network. It is about creating relationships with new clients to retain them for a long period.

Use social media, public events, attend conferences associated with your coaching business, unlock the potential of other networking apps people use, and work on brand culture to increase awareness of your coaching.

Grow Your Coaching Business

You can switch to these ways to grow your coaching business. These methods will help you strike off multiple issues and adding more value to your coaching business. It will extend a helping hand in covering the important aspects to enhance the development and growth of your coaching business.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish