5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Fitness Companies

Marketing Sep 16, 2020

The holiday season brings many opportunities for an increase in engagement, boost in revenue and acquiring new customers. To have a joyous fall for your fitness company, it’s important to plan your marketing strategy. You have to use all the major events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and many more.

Here are 5 marketing ideas that can help you enjoy your holidays and stop you from being stressed at the last minute:

Corporate Events

Corporate companies get into a festive mood during the holiday season. They want to organize activities and events that bring about a feeling of togetherness.

You can contact businesses about organizing activities at their office spaces. You can offer merchandise on discounts for any office events such as fitness wear, equipment, sneakers, etc or you can offer group activities at discounted prices that help in destressing people and infuse calmness such as -

  • Group workout sessions like Zumba will help in energizing people and getting them in the mood for the holidays
  • Yoga and Meditation classes - Stress can take a toll on mind throughout the year. It’s necessary to engage in activities that help to bring calmness and peace and remove all the tension from the mind.


Find out the products and services that your customers are interested in that are related to your business. You can use various services such as -

  • Provide supplements and vitamins, healthy food and nutritious meal plans
  • Massage therapies and meditation sessions
  • Fitness wear and basic fitness equipment for a home gym

You can also collaborate with these companies where you can also provide co-marketing campaigns to promote your services. This will increase your engagements and help you acquire new customers during the holiday season, adding more joy to your business revenues.

Limited-time Deals

Fall is usually the best time to engage and get lots of new customers. With holidays such as Black Friday, it’s a whole discount fest. Being a fitness company, you should take advantage of such days and provide limited-time deals such as -

  • High discounts on your gym’s yearly membership
  • Two extra months on a 12-month personal training membership

Gift Cards

Gift cards never go out of style when it comes to the holiday season. Gift cards have 2 amazing selling points -

  1. People find it easy to buy gift cards as they don’t have to think a lot and it’s easy to purchase at the last minute
  2. People love to receive gift cards as it seems like a beautiful token of gesture, be it from friends or family or office colleagues

Some ways to offer gift cards -

  • Setup a counter for gift cards at your fitness studios and gyms
  • Put up posts on your social media channels and share them on your email newsletters to your subscribers
  • Bundle gift cards with other merchandise of your fitness company

Celebrate the holiday season

Don’t just provide deals and offers to your customers, embrace and celebrate the holidays!

Get into the holidays’ spirit and theme your fitness studio/gym with nice decor. Host get-togethers for holidays like Christmas with your community. Your customers will feel happier and will have a sense of belonging. Also, continue this celebration over to your social media platforms. This will increase your engagement with your followers.

  1. Post stories on your Instagram and show your special themed setups at your fitness studios and gyms
  2. Share blog posts with ideas about how people can stay fit and yet enjoy the holidays without missing to munch on those delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas meals
  3. Run various contests and polls on Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram and make good use of hashtags
  4. Send weekly newsletters to your email list and write about different holidays and how you’re planning to celebrate them at your establishments

The Takeaway

Make a great marketing plan and use these ideas to increase engagement and boost revenue. Plan so you can have an edge over your competition without any last-minute hurdles.

Also, planning your marketing campaigns will help you to enjoy your holidays too. Don’t forget about yourself!

Happy Holidays!