9 Strategies on How to Get Clients for Online Personal Training

Marketing Nov 25, 2020

It is essential to help your clients reach their fitness goals with your assistance. Working as an online personal trainer is one of the best possible methods to deliver your services to your clients in the most convenient manner. Focus on providing measures for your clients that can prove beneficial for them.

Since a lot of people are using online platforms, be specific in terms of what clients you want for your online personal training business and the sources you are searching for them on. After finding your right online clients, apply various tactics to catch their attention towards your online personal training business.

To ease your burden in coming up with the right tactics, here are 9 simple strategies you can use to get clients for your online personal training:

Provide Engaging Content

Provide valuable and engaging online content to your clients. Make sure your content is optimized to increase online visibility. Provide podcasts on fitness, health online videos, e-guides, or e-books.

Your content should be on point and relevant to match the requirements of your clients. Deliver top niche content that covers the online services of personal training.

This is the example of Scott Laidler, an online personal trainer sharing his podcast on health tips and tricks, strategies and inspiring life stories.


Create a Website for Your Online Personal Training Business

You can create a website to make clients search for personal training business online. Give detailed and relevant information about your services, offers, timings, and products on that website.

Make it easy to use mobile-friendly and customize it to attract your online clients. Your website must be easy to access and optimized with SEO to build an online presence. This will increase your brand awareness and retain your clients for a longer time on your webpage.

You can use Wix to build a website of your choice for your online personal training business.

Stay Active on Social Media Platforms

Social media networks are extensive to choose the right client for your online personal training, you need to look for people inclined towards personal training on health and fitness. Present yourself as an expert to attract your client’s attention.

  • Facebook
    Post information about your personal training business promote your services through Facebook Ads. Create a Facebook group to engage with your audience, solve their pain points and build a community.
  • Instagram
    Create your personal training page on Instagram and share images and video through posts and stories. Go live to attract your audience and engage with them. You can also host a small Q&A session every week. Connect with famous influencers to promote your online personal training business.
  • YouTube
    Post and spread your online personal training videos and provide links to reach out to your target audience. You can share videos on various home workouts and workouts without equipment to help educate your audience and help them with their fitness.

Share Your Story

The best way to approach your online clients is by sharing your story. Provide an insight into your lifestyle towards health and fitness. Tell them your morals and values or highlight your journey to start your training business.

This will motivate and encourage your target clients and helps in building a deeper connection with them. Make sure your achievements are accessible to your online clients, to reassure them about your business.

Offer Exciting Discounts and Deals

It is a great way to catch the attention of your target clients. By offering engaging discounts or deals, many people can take a chance to hire you as a personal trainer.

You can offer short-term discounts at first and once your clients commit to it you can extend it for the long term. These discounts and deals will bring more clients to your business.

  • Offer 20% off on the first ten or twenty online clients.
  • Provide free merchandise to clients who buy long term membership.
  • Give free vouchers or coupons on special occasions.

Run Referral Programs

To build your online business, the most inexpensive and effective way is word of mouth from your existing clients. Create a referral system to influence your clients to bring new clients to your online business.

  • Ask for referrals from your present clients through call, text, or email.
  • Host public events or online talks to bring maximum online clients.
  • Track your new clients and reward the referring clients.
  • Put an offer like ‘Bring a friend’ and get an amazing gift.


Host Informative Events

You can host events online to attract more clients to personal training business. Host events that are useful and full of knowledge like webinars, workshops, talk-shows, or online shows to share tips and tricks with your clients.

Solve their queries or give them free advice on fitness to build a strong relationship with your online clients and this way you can keep a track of what your target client needs the most.

This is the example of NESTA providing live personal fitness trainer workshops along with a certification of this 2-day program.

Go for Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC advertising is the fastest and effective way online that includes Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google AdWords, etc. On these platforms, it is easy to target your clients.

It helps you connect with your specific clients with demographic, age, or interest. It will drive more traffic to personal training websites.

Send Email Newsletters to Your Online Personal Training Clients

Email marketing is a common practice to promote personal training services online to your clients. It helps you build relationships and allows your clients to learn more about personal training business.

Grow your email list and keep in touch with your clients by sending them updates and details about personal training service, newsletters for sign-ups, or free rewards.

Make sure not to send excessive emails to your clients.


Make Your Move

It is better to use the latest and effective strategies to attract more online clients to personal training business. Build a strong online presence and look for your clients on the right platforms. Add value to personal training for a better outcome.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish