8 Unique Ways on How to Retain Nutrition Clients

Marketing Nov 23, 2020

A nutrition professional needs to run its nutrition business smoothly. The foremost part of the nutrition business is the clients. It is necessary to pay enough attention to your clients as they build the base of your business.

Clients look for your assistance and supervision, hence creating an effective retention strategy is crucial for sustaining your clients for a longer time. It's about meeting all their requirements to keep them tied to your nutrition business.

Retention Strategies begins the moment your client joins your nutrition coaching, and it is specific in terms of services, offers, and diversity you provide to your nutrition clients to increase their retention time.

We have come up with 8 unique strategies to retain your nutrition clients:

Know Your Client Preferences

You need to be specific in terms of what your client is looking for. You must keep on track of your client's preferences and deliver services apt for your nutrition clients.

The best idea is to get their word out by using simple tactics, to get a clear vision of your client’s needs.

  • Form a questionnaire based on nutrition.
  • Go live on social media to connect with your clients more deeply.
  • Conduct a simple survey to know about your nutrition clients.

Cross-sell New Services

The services you provide say a lot about your nutrition coaching. It is essential to deliver services that are flexible and convenient. Extend your services beyond basic nutrition practices. Provide counseling sessions or meal planning services that are easy and trendy.

Provide services as per your client’s schedule. Reach out to online platforms or go for virtual sessions through video calls, e-mails, or phone calls.

This is the example of Newplymouthnutrition providing new and flexible services to their nutrition clients.

Provide Valuable Nutrition Content

It is important to be consistent with what you provide to your clients, hence deliver valuable content to your clients.

Give them the right mix of nutrition content in the form of recipe books, free tips, and tricks, nutrition advice, healthy diet plans, or video lectures on a fit lifestyle.

These high-quality contents will improve the quality of your nutrition business and retain your clients for a longer duration.

This is the example of Pick Up Limes, providing valuable and interesting nutrition content to the audience.


Promote Through Customer Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program is one way for a consistent client base. Encourage your clients by offering them loyalty reward programs, in which you can offer them free products or giveaways.  Think about the products or offers that can retain and motivate your clients.

This will make your clients happy and keep them engaged in your nutrition coaching.

  • You can distribute free merchandise or discount coupons to your clients with three or six-month memberships.
  • Offer your clients gifts at festive times.
  • Offer Giveaways to your clients at your nutrition coaching anniversary.


Give a Personalized Experience

The prime task to retain your clients is to keep them satisfied and happy with your services. Provide them a relaxing and flexible experience of your nutrition coaching.

Give them a personalized experience and appreciate them with customized gifts or send greeting cards with messages on them. This will add a personal touch to your nutrition coaching and sustain your clients.

Follow a Feedback System

Keep a check on what your clients think about you by following a regular feedback system. You can distribute simple feedback forms or send ‘rate this service’ emails or notifications to your clients.

Feedbacks from your clients will help you improve and update your services. It also provides an insight into what your clients need.

Organize Engaging Challenges

To keep your existing clients tied to your nutrition business, you can organize fun to do and engaging challenges. This will not only boost the motivation of your clients but will help you stay updated, which acts in your favor to retain your clients.

  • Arrange a ''Follow this 7-day healthy diet plan'' challenge.
  • You can go for the ''No Junk for a month'' challenge
  • Organize the ''Tell us your nutrition recipe'' contest.


Host Social Events

To keep a check on your clients and benefit them with your nutrition advice you can host diverse informative events or sessions for your existing clients.

You can social events like get togethers on Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving  to build a connection with your clients.

These events will strengthen your relationship with your clients and increase their retention time. It also expands your social circle to bring a fresh crowd to your coaching.

The Right Way to Retain

Use the right strategies to provide relevant content to retain your nutrition clients in your nutrition coaching. It is about benefiting them with services and quality content to improve their experience, which will ultimately increase their retention time and membership lifetime value.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish