10 Innovative Ideas for Nutrition Coaches to Attract Clients

Marketing Oct 21, 2020

To run your nutrition coaching smoothly, you need to practice ways that are both easy and effective. Your clients are the biggest success metric for your nutrition coaching business. You need to practice ways of nutrition that can help you attract plenty of clients towards your nutrition coaching.

Diet is one of the most essential components of a person’s daily life. By offering a modern and healthy approach to your clients, you can enhance the chances of people to become a member of your nutrition coaching and if they find it suitable they will automatically recommend it to others in turn leading to more clients.

As there is plenty of competition in the industry, you need to look for ways that can engage the interest of clients in your nutrition coaching.

We have come up with 10 innovative ideas you can adapt to attract more clients to your nutrition coaching.

Create Your Niche

If you target a specific segment, it will help you cater to the interest of your nutrition clients more effectively. Choosing a niche is determined by what you can offer and to whom. It gives you the insight to align your marketing strategy with your clients.

Having a well-defined niche will ensure that your nutrition services will meet the demands and needs of your clients and will enhance the experience of your targeted audience.

Having a niche will not only help you determine your strength and skills but also provide beneficial nutrition content to the clients and create a strong brand awareness helping you stand out of the crowd.

For example:

You could focus on young female clients concerned about their daily diet by helping them learn new healthy and nutritious recipes and you can even provide a simple demonstration for it. This will add a more trendy and unique approach to your nutrition coaching and helps in building strong client relationships.

Run Referral Programs

Referrals are one of the best possible ways to market your nutrition coaching through your existing members. Their recommendation plays a vital role in bringing new clients, increasing the number of clients.

But why is it such a good marketing technique?

The answer is simple. A referral program involves incentivizing clients whenever they bring in a new client. This helps you in getting new clients and at the same time, it helps in making your existing clients happy by offering them rewards.

Here are some examples of the benefits you can offer:

  • Free exclusive merchandise
  • 30% discount on membership renewal
  • A free consultation for some of the extra services you provide


Deliver the Right Mix of Nutrition Content

Create content with high-quality and relevant nutrition data. Make your content appealing to the audience and distribute in different ways on different platforms.

Use engaging videos, graphics, newsletters, SEO optimized text with facts and essential tips, blogs, website posts etc. Choose the right content based on your client’s preferences.

You can create various nutrition-based content for your clients, few of them are:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Tips and Tricks for healthy eating.
  • Quiz on Nutrition
  • Diet and meal planning guides
  • FAQs on health and nutrition
  • Video lectures on healthy lifestyle

This is the example of an encompassing Health Coach Kait from Australia delivering exquisite and useful health and nutrition content to the audience. She is focussing on the approach of animal based and keto nutrition diet.


Host Nutrition Workshops

You should practice ways to make your nutrition coaching appear more reliable to your clients. The primary strategy to create the credibility of your nutrition coaching is to encourage clients to review your services.

Host workshops to make people aware of your nutrition coaching. Give them a friendly view of your nutrition coaching as this will help you build integrity and make new clients trust your nutrition services. You can feature some of your members sharing their experience of your nutrition coaching on the website.

For example:

You can host workshops on topics such as, "How to build a nutritious diet by cooking at home". Tell them about the food that are rich in nutrients and how they can use it in their cooking.


Provide Free Consultations

Provide free consultations to potential clients before they purchase your services. Take this opportunity to show them how good your services are and how much they can benefit from your nutrition coaching.

You can go for personal sessions of one or stream online sessions where you can give nutrition and health advice to the clients. These free consultations will help you build a strong relationship with people and increase the credibility of your business.

These counseling services will also provide you an opportunity to know about your clients and improve client satisfaction.

Track Your Nutrition Clients Through Email

Make your nutrition coaching more than business by following up with the clients. To retain your clients, you must improve the quality of your services. Build a strong bond with your clients by keeping a check on them through email subscription.

Track your clients by sending them emails with targeted nutrition content. Create an email list of your clients and use various types of email subscriptions, including CTA and an intriguing opt-in message to improve the deliverability to your email list.

Send email newsletters with niche information about your nutrition services. This will add value to your email marketing and sustain the clients.

Offer Enticing Deals on Nutrition Services

By providing exciting deals and free nutrition services you can attract the attention of your target clients. To find your ideal nutrition client you need to offer something eye-catching. Put deals on various nutrition services in your coaching and intrigue the interest of your client through these deals.

Some examples are:

  • Give discounts on health and nutrition services during holiday season
  • Offer an extra month on the purchase of a 12 month membership
  • Provide 20% off on nutrition products, e-books, and diet plans on festive seasons


Provide Essential Nutrition Services

To make your nutrition coaching reliable and convenient, give the clients a flexible time during appointments, bookings, or nutrition sessions. Give the clients freedom of choice by providing relaxation in their schedule.

Make an active presence by giving free advice on social media live streams or take time to answer FAQs to provide clients with enough information about your nutrition coaching.

Indulge in delivering a good nutrition analysis and nutrition planning before recommending any service to your client. All this will help you add another dimension to your nutrition coaching.

Build Integrity in Your Nutrition Services

You should practice ways to make your nutrition coaching appear more reliable to your clients. The primary strategy to create the credibility of your nutrition coaching is to encourage clients to review your services.

You can ask existing members to share online reviews about your business. You can feature some of your members sharing their experience of your nutrition coaching on the website.

This will help you build integrity and make new clients trust your nutrition services in turn leading to more clients signing up in your nutrition coaching.

Build a Social Media Presence

In this time of competition, you can switch to modern ways and go digital with your nutrition business. Reach out to different clients through the commonly used social media platforms. By representing your nutrition coaching online, you can make people aware of the nutrition services you offer.

  • Set up your nutrition coaching business website and post relevant nutrition posts, tips, healthy recipes, diet plans, etc.
  • Provide online classes or video lectures about ‘how to practice nutrition in daily life.’
  • Optimize your nutrition content with SEO to increase online visibility.
  • Promote your nutrition coaching on Facebook, create groups specifically for health and nutrition tips.
  • Use Instagram influencers to reach out to a large audience and increase brand awareness.

Nutrition in a Nutshell

Follow the above methods to attract more and more clients to your nutrition business Make your nutrition coaching more than just a business. Offer the latest and trendy services to the clients to make them engage in your nutrition coaching. Prioritize your clients and take your nutrition coaching to another level.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish