6 Ways to Make Your Dance Studio Stand Out

Marketing Sep 26, 2020

Are you thinking of ways to make your dance studio stand out? Apart from the traditional dance studios, you will need to do something fun and creative. In this modern time, several people are willing to learn dance and improve their skills but they want  more than just a dance studio, they want something that can fulfill all their needs.

But the question is how can you catch their attention and get them to know that your dance studio is the best choice among all the others. Don’t forget that you're competing with other dance studios in the market so you need to outshine yourself to convince people that your studio is the best suited for their needs.

Here are 6 essential ways to make your dance studio stand out from your competition:

Make a Clear Mission Statement

Before you open your studio, you need to clear a few things beforehand. Like what do you want to do? What does your studio stand for? And why are you doing this?

Having a clear and long term mission will help you list down your priorities. You must have an idea about your purpose and what you are going to offer to your customers. This will set the base of your dance studio in the first few months. You can mark your beginning in the long run by sorting and defining your mission.

Define Your Goals

This is a common point but the most understated solution. Setting your goals is very essential when it comes to business. You can set a long term goal and then you can plan short term goals to achieve the respective.

This way you can keep an eye on how you’re performing in your market and what you’re doing to achieve your goals.

  • Short term goals- You can make short and achievable goals like 10-15 registrations every day or gain estimated profit in terms of monthly income.
  • Long term goals- It includes expansion of your business by opening your franchise on different locations.

Marketing is the Backbone

Without clients your business is meaningless. After establishing your dance studio, you need to promote and market your business so that you can attract your potential customers.

For this, you need to brand out your studio and offer something quirky to the customers, see what suits in your community the most.

  • You can advertise your studio in local newspapers or can go digital like using social media, email marketing, or blogs.
  • Provide special offers or special classes for your customers.
  • Put discounts on tuition fees as it will attract a number of audience to register in your dance studio.
  • Host social events or session to give tips on dancing to customers or hold dance competitions to gain maximum participation.


Build a Creative Team

Team plays a very crucial role in business. Who you surround yourself with, affects your work a lot. You can really take your business to the next level by carefully and selectively picking your administrative staff. Hire professional trainers and like minded co-workers, the ones you think will prove productive to your dance studio and to the customers. This will ultimately boost your performance.

The Look of Your Dance Studio

The appearance of your dance studio says a lot about your business. One of the essential things is to decide the look of your dance studio to draw people to your business.

  • Give a professional look to your studio
  • Choose a suitable location, spacious infrastructure and, best-suited theme
  • Keep up-to-date with latest equipment and provide all-round facilities

All these elements together will help you stand out from your competition.

Provide Value to Your Customers

To sustain your dance studio in the competitive market, you need to prioritize your clients. If your client trusts you then, it’s worth your efforts, since they are the base of your business. Provide value and comfort to your customers. Make their experience in your studio great by fulfilling their desires and needs.

  • Arrange “Ask the expert” sessions- you can clear the doubts or give extra classes to the needful.
  • Give them freedom on the dress code, they can wear outfits of their choice.
  • Provide flexible practice hours according to the schedule of the customers.


Adapting these ways can help you stand out in the crowd. Don’t forget dance is all about passion and this enthusiasm is much needed in your business too.

Since it is very crucial to sustain your business in the competitive market, adding more value and doing what’s best suited for your customers can help you outshine other dance studios.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish