10 Marketing Ideas for Health and Fitness Clubs to Increase Revenue

Marketing Sep 15, 2020

Health and Fitness industry is one of the most competitive industries today. With so much variety, consumers have a wide range of options to choose from. To flourish in the industry and increase sales, health and fitness clubs have to use various marketing strategies.

But it can get difficult to come up with such marketing ideas from time to time.

To ease up your search, here are 10 marketing ideas that will help you increase revenue for your fitness business:

Create a Niche

When you don't target a specific audience and try to provide your services to everyone, you can't stand out from all other health and fitness clubs and thus, you won't be able to grow your business or boost your revenue.

To boost revenue, you need to differentiate your health and fitness club from the competition. Understand your skill set and find out who will benefit the most from your health and fitness club. Focus on the pain points and figure out how your special skill set can help you solve those better than the competition.

For example:

You can target adults with disabilities. Understand how their disability causes them health and fitness problems and curate special workouts to help them with such problems.

Run Referral Programs

One of the most classic ways of marketing a fitness business has been the customer’s word of mouth. You can conduct many marketing activities and yet, many times, your customers turn out to be your best marketers.

Most of your fitness club members have friends and family members who would be interested in joining a gym. A customer’s word of mouth builds trust in other people’s minds.

You can run a referral program where you can incentivise the members when their referrals join your health & fitness club.

Here are some of the benefits you can offer to your clients:

  • Provide a 20% discount on membership renewal
  • Offer a home workout plan for your member
  • Offer free sessions of other services provided by your health & fitness club

Offer a Free Session

Offer a free session to your potential clients. Let them experience and understand what they'll be in for if they decide to take your services so they can decide easily whether to join your health and fitness club. This helps to build trust and increase credibility of your health and fitness club.

Maintain the same level of professionality and quality of your services even after the free session. Answer all the questions kindly and at the end of the session, show them different services and plans they can choose if they want to join.

Create Content Around Health and Fitness

To grow and boost revenue of your health and fitness club, you need to show that you're an expert in the services you're providing. To show your knowledge and build credibility, create content around educating your target audience and giving them tips and insights around health and fitness.

Along with this, also spread the awareness of your health & fitness club by promoting its services.

Here are some ways you can use to create and distribute content through many ways:

  • Blogs
    Create a blog focussed on educational topics surrounding health and fitness, and the services you offer. A blog helps to generate traffic and attract more leads.
  • Videos
    Videos are one of the best ways to create content. Create videos on YouTube educating people about how to cook healthy food at home, benefits of yoga, different home workouts etc
  • Podcasts
    Host a podcast where you can interview various health specialists to share insights, tips and tricks surrounding health and fitness with your audience.


Build a website

In this day and age, a well-designed website is one of the first and foremost things to do when starting up with a new business or growing an existing business.

A user-friendly website increases the credibility of the business and makes it easier to contact and communicate with your customers.

As a fitness entrepreneur, you can use your website as a platform to make your customers and people aware of various ongoing deals and promotions. You can also keep them in the loop for any upcoming offers.

Organize Challenges and Contests

Organizing challenges is another way to boost revenue for your health & fitness club. Challenges will motivate your members to show up more and give their best due to all the incentives. Offer rewards and prizes for the winner and some benefits for the participants, so they all engage in the activity.

The more they engage, the happier they'll feel with your services and you'll be able to retain them for a period. This will keep your revenue stream consistent even at the times when you're not able to acquire new members.

For example:

Host a monthly special workout challenge. Invite your members along with their friends or family members to participate. The member who completes the workout first will be rewarded with various offers and benefits.

Along with challenges, you can host various online fitness contests, such as an Instagram contest, where you can ask the audience to highlight their fitness path by showing their progress through posts (popularly known as the “Before and After” challenge).


Host Workshops

You can host monthly workshops for your members as well as potential members. Workshops help to build trust trust among the audience, increase credibility of your health & fitness club and educate your audience in a more structured manner.

At the end of the workshops, you can keep a Q&A session where people can ask questions and clear their doubts.

Also, take their basic information such email ids and other contact details to share details about any other upcoming workshops and upcoming offers. Provide your contact details as well so they can contact you if they wish to book a session.

Workshops increase your chances of getting new customers which furthermore helps in increasing revenue.

For example:

You can invite a group of people and host an outdoors workshop on meditation and yoga. Take them through the process and explain the importance and benefits of each exercise and the workout as a whole for the body.


Stay in Touch with Your Email List Through Newsletters

Stay in touch with your email list by sending them weekly / monthly newsletters. Share various educational insights and tips around health and fitness. You can also share information regarding various upcoming offers and any upcoming events to get the attention of your potential members.

Sending newsletters will help you with both retaining existing clients and attracting new clients; leading to a boost in revenue for your health and fitness club.



One price for everything makes it difficult to increase acquisitions and earn high revenue. You should offer various pricing plans ranging from different offerings.

Providing different pricing plans that cater to people’s tastes and preferences will build a sense of belonging and will make it easier for people to join your fitness club.

A person who just wants a gym membership should have a different pricing plan compared to a person who wants a complete package of meal plans, personal training and gym memberships.

For example, Crossfit DC offers 2 membership plans making it easy for their target users to select as per their preference:

Marketing ideas to boost revenue - Pricing

Use Social Media

Any fitness business maintaining a presence on social media is a no-brainer. Fitness clubs use social media to engage with their audience consistently which helps in creating awareness, increasing customer base and boosting revenue.

But it’s not always easy to engage with people on social media. You have to consistently create good quality content throughout all the mediums such as photos, video, blogs and podcasts.

Various social media platforms that you can use are -

  • Facebook
    Facebook has the highest number of social media users. You can create a Facebook group to build communities with your target audience, engage with them, educate them about health and fitness, and spread awareness about your fitness club.
  • Instagram
    Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the fitness industries. Use Stories to share insights and offers with your audience. Post pictures and videos to engage with them. Use the Live feature to host Q&A sessions with your followers.
  • Twitter
    Twitter helps in sharing knowledge in short and simple tweets. You can create threads and share various fitness tips and tricks with your followers.


All these marketing ideas will only help you if you market these ideas to your target audience. Also, make sure to track the different marketing activities that you perform to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Measuring your activities will help you find out which activities helped you earn the highest revenue and whether your fitness club can repeat those activities.