10 Effective Marketing Ideas for Your Wellness Center

Marketing Oct 17, 2020

Marketing your wellness center is not a simple process, especially when there is tremendous competition in the industry. People are concerned about their health and fitness, and they are in search of some faculty members that can fulfil all their needs. One among them could be your wellness center if you plan your marketing strategy the right way.

A wellness center is much more delicate to market than other businesses as it requires great tactics and innovative ideas. You need to build trust with your clients and provide them with something beneficial to their health and well-being.

You need to adopt a unique set of methods to set apart your wellness center from the rest. It’s about providing the right services to the right client to increase your bookings, boost your revenue generation, and improving your health business down to its core.

We have come up with 10 effective ways you can use to market your wellness center:

Build a Niche

It is crucial to build your niche as it will provide another dimension to your way of working towards your specific clients with a specific interest in health and wellness.

Having a niche will help you identify the best possible services offered by your wellness center to your targeted audience. It helps you stand out and create a strong rapport in the market.

This will deliver an effective and engaging experience for your clients and create strong brand awareness.

For example:

You can target older women clients to provide them with essential beauty and healthcare services specific to their age groups to assert them with a rejuvenation and relaxing experience.

Run Referral Programs

Referral Programs is one of the most valuable and inexpensive ways of marketing your wellness center. Referrals from your existing client can help you gain new clients. It helps you increase customer retention, lifetime value, and revenue generation.

  • Ask for referrals from the existing client through e-mail, text messages or calls.
  • Hold a public event or health camps to drive the maximum number of client visits.
  • Keep a check on the sources of new referral visits and reward the referring clients to motivate them.


Provide Engaging Wellness Content

Providing relevant and exquisite content will make your wellness center easy to approach by the clients. Customize your wellness content with catchy e-books, wellness videos and guides highlighting your services and make your content accessible to different audiences.

This idea of developing engaging content will make you appear more interactive, manage time, and provide convenience to the clients.

Delivering such content will set you apart from traditional wellness centers and sustain your clients for a long time. This way you can reassure the new clients towards your wellness center.

This is the example of Plant Based Princess sharing her holistic wellness routine with the audience. She follows a creative approach towards health and wellness.


Organize a Contest

To market your wellness center more trivially, you can organize a contest to get a notice from the audience. Create a healthy and fun to do a competition like health and wellness quiz, best physique, or sharing your social media post to friends, to achieve maximum participation of customers.

Keep prizes or rewards for the winners or runners-up in the form of free services, healthcare products, or two-hour free body-massage/facial.

By offering an opportunity to relax and boosting the motivation of people, you can attract potential clients and highlight your wellness center.


Host Sessions to Answer FAQs

You can arrange sessions where you answer the frequently asked questions on your wellness websites. By posting blog posts or short YouTube videos, you can provide more clarity to your existing members and future clients.

This way people can access your posts or videos to clear their queries anywhere and anytime. It will not only save your time but keep your rankings high by the SEO optimized content that you’ll provide.

You can go for a live doubt solving session on social media in which you can welcome the questions asked by your followers and befitting your health and fitness solutions.


Offer Free Consultation

Offer free consultation to let your potential clients understand the experience they'll get if they purchase your services. This also helps to build trust among them and increase credibility of your business.

Take them through your services, introduce them to your staff and answer all their questions so they can decide after being aware of all the facts.

Offer Discounts and Deals

Providing special discounts or enticing deals to your clients will encourage them to associate with your wellness center. Look at what services your clients are interested in the most or what deals excite your target audience.

  • Give discounts such as 20% off on memberships for six months.
  • Offer free consultation of your other services
  • Arrange deals like ‘bring a friend’ and get a massage or facial service free.


Set up Your Website

Using digital space to market your wellness center business is easy and adequate to build your credibility and stand in the competition. A website will help you make a vision of your business. Use a simple layout and make the website easily accessible by your target audience.

  • Make your website phone friendly, since people mostly use their phone to look for fresh information.
  • Use SEO optimized content to increase visibility in the digital market.
  • Use tone of voice- Ask your existing clients to give an honest review of your wellness center.
  • Make the website easy to navigate by using accurate navigation titles and arranging necessary details.
  • Create a strong domain name to attract more visitors and build brand awareness.

Provide Healthy Diet Meal Plans

The most important aspect of wellness is healthy and nutritious diet plans. By providing such beneficial meal plans you can draw the attention of valuable people looking for this valuable content and promote your wellness center indirectly.

You can provide e-books or video guides on ‘how to maintain a healthy diet’ to the audience. You can ask for their contact information such as name, email address, or phone number when they click or download on your diet plans. This way you can send them updates or relevant information about your wellness center.


Keep Your Email Subscribers Updated

Using email as a means to maintain contact with your wellness clients is pretty easy. Send your clients email containing necessary updates, sign-ups, referrals, or newsletters.

Provide relevant and intriguing wellness content through email to engage the interest of clients. Send them emails on a regular basis to be consistent with your email list members.

You can also build new email subscribers by sending offers and vouchers for your wellness services. But make sure don’t the spam them with excessive emails in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Go on Social Media Platforms

If you want to take your wellness center business to another level, use social media to attract more clients. The distinct platforms help you target various people instantly. Keep your content engaging and impactful to gain more followers.

  • Use Instagram to publicize your services. Use health and fitness influencers to develop the interest of people in your business.
  • Facebook is one of the prominent platforms for mature age groups, create health groups to provide tips and tricks of fitness.
  • Organize fun themes like Wellness Wednesdays or Fitness Fridays to compel your followers.

You can measure your success by the number of followers you gain or the number of likes you get. It will help you resonate with your audience and give you an idea of updating your marketing strategies.

Social Media Platforms

Develop an App

Setting your Application will make your wellness center easy to locate and operate by the users. Customize an app with a catchy title and make your app accessible to devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

This idea of developing an App will make you appear more interactive, manage time, and provide comfort to the clients by the ease in booking online appointments, making payments and manage reward points in just one click.

You can publish your client’s experience of your wellness center by featuring them in your app or through reviews and ratings. This way you can reassure the new clients towards your wellness center.

In Essence

You can choose these ways to market and promote your wellness center to a diverse age group of people looking for ways to gratify their desire of staying healthy and fit. If you offer more value and infuse a modern approach, your wellness center business can level up its sustainability in the competitive market.

Credits - Aayushi Vaish