4 Amazing Nutrition Blog Post Ideas To Get High Traffic

Marketing Nov 23, 2020

Whether you're a nutritionist or health or fitness coach, you may be in search of valuable nutrition blog ideas to boost your website traffic and increase your client base.

It can be hard to think of new ideas consistently, or if you have a new website, you may be unsure of where to start.

This is where content creation comes in.

It's important to create valuable content because it helps you build a resource of educational information which can be accessed for free.

This will attract more visitors to your website and help you retain existing clients by providing ongoing valuable content consistently.

How to Generate Nutrition Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog

Before you create amazing content about nutrition and health, you need to understand what kind of content is worth writing about.

Here are some ways in which you can determine new content ideas:

Recognise What Your Audience is Looking For

In order to create relevant, helpful and shareable nutrition-related content, you need to understand what your readers want from you and your blog.

This can be done by:

  • Recognising customer pain-points
  • Considering which topics your audience would be most interested in
  • Identify any gaps in the market which you could fill on your blog

For example: if you're a female health coach, your audience will be looking at your blog for information on a range of topics from hormonal health to managing the menopause.

From this information you can make a list of ideas on what your readers may be worrying about and writing the solution to their concerns.

Engage Directly With Your Audience via Social and Emails

This is an effective strategy to generate ideas as engaging with your audience via social media provides immediate feedback.

Addressing your audience via social media as well as through your email newsletters will help you work out what kind of content you should create on your blog from their feedback.

By asking your audience directly, you can also figure out exactly which nutrition-related topics are in demand.

You can approach this by:

  • Creating polls on Instagram stories to find out what your followers are interested in
  • Add surveys into your email newsletters for subscribers to take part in
  • Generate conversation on YouTube, Twitter or any other interactive social media for your audience to give their feedback in the comments

You can use tools such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey to easily add in surveys to your email newsletters.

Pay Attention to What Your Competitors Are Doing

A great way of determining nutrition content ideas for your blog is to pay attention to what your competitors are doing on their social media channels.

By observing what fellow coaches and health professionals are sharing, you can see what kind of content is gaining the most traction and attention from social media users.

For example: If you notice other coaches are gaining a lot of engagement on posts about weight loss, maternity or muscle building, you can plan blog posts about how to maintain optimum nutrition for each of these niche areas.

Use Google Keywords

Google is used constantly by billions of people around the globe for general searches, but it can also find out the keywords and phrases that users are searching for about a particular topic.

For example, if you search for "nutrition blog ideas" you can click on the "People Also Ask" tab to discover exactly what you target audience is looking for:

Google Keyword Planner is another useful tool which you can use to discover keywords related to your nutrition services, gain insights into how often relevant words are searched and help you plan a blog campaign.

4 Nutrition Blog Post Ideas for Your Fitness or Health Website

Plant-based & Vegan

In 2020 you cannot ignore the demand for plant-based and vegan information. It's a growing business, backed by an ever-growing list of Hollywood actors, famous athletes and musicians.

There is an increase in consciousness around the impact of a meat-based diet on health and the environment and so consumers are looking for facts and advice on how to adapt to and maintain a plant-based or fully vegan diet.

As this can be a hugely controversial topic, conveying informative and accurate nutritional information is imperative.

You could write blog posts about:

  • Plant-based recipes for all the family to enjoy
  • 5 veggie recipes for your dinner party
  • How to host a vegan Christmas

There are unlimited plant-based and vegan nutrition blog ideas out there. Have a look at reputable sites such as The Vegan Society (established in 1944) and Plant Based News to  see what the latest conversation is and write about that.


The war on sugar has been increasing over the past few years, with scientific links between the consumption of sugar and type-2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity becoming harder to ignore.

There are so many elements to why sugar-free nutrition is significant, from the claims of addictive properties, to diabetes links and disruption in concentration.

Here are a few blog ideas to get you started:

  • How to reduce your sugar intake
  • Lose weight by cutting out sugar
  • Why sugar is affecting your energy levels

It's worth having a look at the top 50 sugar-free blogs to see what conversations are happening around this topic to inspire some ideas of your own.

Best Nutrition for Optimum Fitness

There's no doubt that there's a huge #fitspo community out there on the hunt for answers to all their questions about the best nutrition to boost their fitness.

Some ideas you can cover on your blog:

  • Why nutrition is important for optimum fitness
  • The best foods to fuel your workout
  • The best foods to speed up your recovery
  • How alcohol affects your fitness performance

The ideas for combining nutrition and fitness are endless, so it's worth to do your research around fitness nutrition and find out what your audience wants to learn.

Ideal Nutrition for Healthy Weight Loss

"How to lose weight" is the most searched term in the health and nutrition industry. If you create insightful and fresh blog posts about nutrition for weight loss, you are sure to gain visitors to your website.

Nearly 50% of American adults are trying to lose weight at any time, so you can be sure that learning about nutrition for weight-loss is a highly sought-after topic.

Here are a few posts you could consider:

  • Why a nutritious breakfast is important for weight loss
  • Do you need to eat "5 a day" to lose weight?
  • Why you need to read food labels to lose weight
  • Can you lose weight while still drinking alcohol?

If you get stuck for ideas, don't forget our tips above on how to find content for your nutrition blog.

An Apple a Day...

There are plenty of topics around nutrition, health and fitness which you can find to include in your blog. Using our tips on how to generate content ideas should get you started.

Try to share your content on a regular basis. As they say, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and your informative content can do the same.

Credits -  Charlotte Osborn