3 Best Gym Marketing Ideas for Black Friday

Marketing Sep 22, 2020

Black Friday is the best opportunity for your gym to get new customers and generate high revenues as it is one of the biggest shopping events during the year.

You can offer big discounts and limited-time deals on your memberships and merchandise along with many other offers to attract people.

Here are 3 marketing ideas to help your gym capitalize on Black Friday:

Make it a social media week

Use Black Friday to make your social media channels stand out from the competitors and at the same time increase your engagement. Make it a complete week where each day you post different deals and discount on your memberships and merchandise only for online purchases on your Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • Add stories on your Instagram a few days before the special week to promote the special week and keep your followers in the loop so they don't miss out on any deals
  • Offer a good discount on every day of the week, for example, 30% off on some exclusive fitness merchandise on one day and a 20% off on monthly gym membership price the next day and so on
  • Provide deals on both your services and merchandise to get the most out of this promotion.

Mouth-watering Black Friday offers

Huge discounts and deals are what Black Friday is all about. Here are various ways you can provide amazing offers to your customers and leads along with the traditional big discount offers:

Big discount offers

Black Friday and huge discount deals always go hand in hand. Don't let your gym miss this easy opportunity of generating revenue and getting new customers. You can offer significant discounts either on your services or on your merchandise.

For example:

  • You can offer a 30% price off on your yearly gym memberships or other services such as personal training, nutrition meal/diet plans, etc
  • Another way is to sell your fitness merchandise for huge discounts. You can offer 25-30% off on fitness wear such as home-gym equipment, tank tops, protein shakers and sneakers, etc
  • Last but not the least, offer special discounts to specific people, such as students, mothers and military people, etc

Offer free merchandise with memberships

Use your gym merchandise not just individually or with gift cards but with your memberships and other services as well. You can offer different merchandise according to the kind of purchases a customer makes.

For example:

  • Offer a hoodie, tank top or a protein shaker for free when someone purchases a monthly membership or a meal plan or a few personal training sessions
  • Offer some basic home-gym equipment such as dumbbells to a customer who purchases an annual gym membership

Bundle your offerings

Your gym will have many services along with basic gym memberships. To get new customers on Black Friday, you can bundle these services together and offer packages of services together to attract people to your gym.

For example:

  • You can bundle your yearly gym memberships with 2 months of free personal training or nutrition diet plan
  • You can give a complete package of all your services on a special price
  • You can also provide a package of other services apart from gym memberships to your existing members and new people. You can offer yoga classes along with meal plans to people who don't necessarily want a gym membership.

Even if some people don't buy these packages together, they will become aware of various services that your gym offers and may go for one of those services individually.

Special pricing offers

There are special pricing options that you can use for your monthly or yearly gym memberships. You can use them either to retain your loyal and long-standing members or get new customers.

You can try these different pricing ways:

  • Pay what you want - This system has been quite trendy recently. On Black Friday, you can set it up for the loyal members on your monthly or yearly memberships. You can set a minimum amount limit and then those members can pay whatever they desire above the minimum price.
  • Buy now and pay later - Buy now and pay later has been another trend recently. On Black Friday, you can offer this pricing scheme for the first select people who want to avail your service. You can let them use your service for the first 3 months and pay later by further offering a one year or a two-year membership to your gym. This will also lead to building trust and increasing your gym's credibility.

Gift cards

You can't complete your gym's Black Friday sale without offering gift cards. It has amazing selling points since people don't have to think a lot while shopping for gifts at the last minute and people usually perceive gift cards as a lovely gesture.

Some ways to offer gift cards on Black Friday:

  • Put up posts on your social media channels and share them on your Black Friday newsletters to your email subscribers
  • Have a special display for gift cards at your gyms so it attracts people easily
  • Bundle gift cards with other merchandise of your gym such as protein shakers, water bottles, etc


Organize events

Why limit Black Friday to only discount and deals? Make an eventful day out of it. After all, Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season. You can organise various events at your gym. Some examples are -

  • Organize a morning workout event where the first few people get access to a special experience at the gym. Show them different offerings and all the equipment. If you feel you have the chance, offer them memberships at discounted prices, say, one-year membership at a 25% discount.
  • Organize a Black Friday get-together at your gym. Set up a place for snacks and smoothies. Put on some music. Let people come and explore your establishment and have a chill time.
  • You can also organize family events where you can let your loyal members bring their friends and family for a fun activity session and at the same time introduce various limited-time family membership offers.



These ideas should help your gym for your Black Friday sale. Make sure that people get a good experience and love your hospitality so that even if some people don't purchase from you, they'll spread a good word around.

We wish your gym has an amazing Black Friday!

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