5 Holiday Marketing Strategies for Your Pilates Studio

Marketing Oct 15, 2020

The holidays are approaching and it about time you start promoting your Pilates Studio and make the best out of the holiday season. Since holidays are the best time of the year, why not make it the best time for your studio too.

Here are 5 Marketing Strategies that will help you market your Pilates Studio this holiday season.

Dress up your Studio

Dress up your studio ‘holiday-themed’. Get your studio ready for the festive season and get your clients in the holiday spirit. Match your studio to the festive mood this season brings.

Here’s what you can try,

  • Put up a decorated Christmas tree outside your studio at the beginning of December.
  • Put up balloons numbered 2021 on New Year’s Eve and put some festive tracks.
  • Decorate your entrance with Christmas wreaths or pine cones during Thanksgiving and incorporate a gratitude session.

Get Socially Active

Social Media is one of the best platforms to market your business. You can reach a large audience by investing very little time and effort. Attract new clients and keep the old ones eager by teasing what you are planning to do.

What you can try,

  • Post on Social media what special you are planning and going to do for the holidays
  • Post a blog related to all the healthy food you could eat these holidays while enjoying them
  • Ask your members to update their Social Media profiles Holiday-themed.

In this digital era, Social Media can take you places. Linking your social media to all other platforms will maximize your reach and attract more customers.

Organize ‘DETOX’ sessions

People often forget about keeping a check on what they are eating being busy in all the festivities. Being a Pilates Studio take it as an advantage and organize a detox session.

Here’s what you can try,

  • Invite a nutritionist to give them insights about what can be done to compensate for the holiday weight gained.
  • Incorporate services to help them control calorie intake.
  • Hold Pilates activity sessions to help them learn while exercising.

These sessions will help your clients get rid of the excess weight they have gained and will ensure their loyalty to your Pilates Studio.


Holiday Giveaway

During Christmas, everyone is in a gift-giving mood which sometimes can be costly. Promote your Pilates Studio this holiday season by hosting giveaways and keeping your clients engaged and happy.

Here’s what you can do

  • Giveaway gift cards and special offers to new customers.
  • Giveaway Pilates exercise supplements
  • If you have a merchandise line like studio t-shirts or non-slip socks, giveaway your products.

Giveaways are trending, they attract people because who doesn’t like free stuff, that too during holidays. Make the best use of it.


Last-minute holiday deal

Holidays are all about merriment. And you can put cheery on top of that by announcing unexpected last-minute holiday deals.

Here what you can do,

  • Offer $25 gift card for $20 to attract customers to purchase
  • Offer a last-minute discount on New Year’s Eve for new admissions in your studio
  • Offer $20 credit for every $100 purchase

This last-minute attraction will help attract new customers and incentivize purchase or admissions.



Implement these holiday marketing strategies to your Pilates Studio and increase your revenue, retain clients, and attract new customers, this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Credits - Nikita Gupta