8 New Year's Fitness Challenges

Fitness Oct 15, 2020

This New Year makes your clients stick to their exercising habits and take a new resolution of staying fit and live a healthy lifestyle.  Start with a new strategy of promoting this New Year and create some fun and popular fitness challenges to attract new customers and engaging the existing ones.

Challenges induce people to participate, stay committed, and also excites them about the results which would be a fit and healthy body. Challenges give deadlines and provide consistency to keep exercising and helps to track your progress. It gives a chance to compete with yourself and others and also motivates you to not give up.


In this article, we'll talk about the 8 fitness challenges you can host this New Year for your clients and how can you execute those challenges.

Weight Loss Challenge

It is the most popular challenge, and losing weight is also everybody's concern so why not put it into a challenge?  Losing weight isn't an easy task but if you'll put it in a challenge people would be willing to participate. A weight-loss challenge will not only motivate people to participate and lose weight quickly but also it would be fun as you'll be competing with others.

You can prepare a diet chart that they'll have to follow and state some exercises that would help them lose weight within the period of the challenge. You can check their weights during the challenge and motivate them if they're giving up.

You can create a 30-Days or maybe a 7-Days weight loss challenge and set proper guidelines for them to follow.

Eating Healthy Challenge

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You might be thinking of how eating healthy can be a challenge, anyone can do that. But it's not easy as it sounds. It is difficult to give up spices and sweets and eating only salad, fruits and drinking milk and protein shakes. People need the motivation to do so and you'll be providing that via a challenge of healthy eating.

Set a proper diet chart, and to make it tough you can skip the cheat day. Eating well created a 30-days clean eating challenge in which they mentioned the tips and a calendar that their clientele will be following for a month.

Calories Burning Challenge

Burning calories is important to maintain body temperature, breathe, circulate blood, digest food, eliminate wastes, build and repair cells and tissues, and maintain brain and nervous system activity. Calories can be burnt by regular aerobic exercise, cycling, walking, swimming, or strength training.  Burning maximum calories a day for a week can be a challenge and you can reward the one who wins it.

Squats Challenge

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This challenge works on almost every muscle of your lower body. You can introduce a 30-Day squats challenge and include various types of squat like basic, glute kickback, sumo, oblique, jump, narrow, pistol squat, and many more. It is very effective and gives quick results. It can be tiring so you can also give a day off after every 3-4 days. Push your members to work hard to get good results. Motivate them from time to time and offer your best services.

Core Strength Challenge

It works on your abdominal muscles, improves balance, and support a proper poster. Those who wanna work on their abs can take up this challenge. Crunches are the basic core-strengthening move. Other than that different types of planks and crunches can be included in the challenge. You can start a 4 week Core Workout Challenge and help people get in a good shape as quickly as possible.

Flexibility Challenge

This challenge can be organized to see who's more flexible and who can achieve that flexibility in the minimum days possible. Members will work hard and would be willing to compete with each other if you'll give rewards to those who accomplish the task. Check out the Stretch Project, you are not limited to create these challenges in your space but online too.

Running Challenge

Running is a great cardio workout. It helps burn calories and get you in a good shape. It sure can be intimidating and hard but it'll help to increase speed and endurance. Click here and check out some tips on how you can create and execute a running challenge. It can be fun and tough at the same time so don't let your members stop trying.

Yoga Challenge

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Yoga challenges can push the limits mentally, physically, and spiritually.  If it is designed well then it can surely benefit your members. You can cover all asanas in 30 days, so plan and allocate asanas to every member and make sure they go by the routine to achieve the desired results. Yoga has the power to make you lighter and stronger at the same time. Give this challenge to your clients and check out the results yourself.

How to execute the challenges?

  • Decide what kind of challenge you want to create and whether it would be a team challenge or an individual one. You can also give different challenges to different people based on what they need to work hard on to be in a good shape.
  • Select the goal of your challenge.
  • Set the framework in which everyone will work to reach the goal.
  • Set the duration and rules of the challenge.
  • Keep the track of your client's progress and motivate them so that they won't give up.
  • Keep interesting rewards for the winner and for good performers who achieved good results.

Don't forget to promote it.

Challenges make workouts more fun so, try out the above-mentioned challenges with your members. Remember not to keep these challenges to your workspace, post them online.

Promote your challenges on social media with your members participating and also encourage your followers to do these challenges and send their videos or pictures.

You can also conduct a few live classes on Instagram and Facebook. Post the videos on Youtube. Promoting them will increase your reach and will build a good image and you'll be able to convert leads.

Change your Routine, have a bit of fun!

Credits - Ishneet Kaur