7 Ways to Make Your Pilates Studio Stand Out

Marketing Oct 4, 2020

With so much competition in the Pilates industry in recent years, it has become difficult to set up a new Pilates studio and run a successful business. You can't just go about doing what everyone else is already doing.

We understand how difficult it can be to run classes and sessions and at the same time think of ideas to help you stand out from the competition.

To help ease some of your burdens, here are 7 ways that you can implement to make your Pilates studio stand out from your competition:

Organize Contests and Challenges

Organizing contests and challenges is one of the most fun and creative ways that can help you make your Pilates studio stand out. They help in keeping your audience engaged and build trust and credibility. At the same time, they help in expanding your services to more people and in generating more leads.

Some examples of contests and challenges are:

  • Running polls on Instagram Stories
  • Organizing challenges on your Facebook and Instagram pages where the winner gets rewarded according to the winning criteria (such as most likes or comments on a post)
  • Organizing monthly fitness challenges in your Pilates studio where the member who completes the challenge fastest gets rewarded
Contests and Challenges examples

Host Public Events

Social event - people having a brunch

Hosting public events is another way of making your Pilates studio stand out. You may not get instant customers but you will build trust around the public when it comes to your Pilates studio.

You can use various social media platforms to promote all your events to increase awareness. You can also invite your customers to bring along their family and friends and spread the word about the events that you host.

You can host different types of events:

  • Hosting a brunch for the nearby public to come and have a memorable day
  • Organizing a get-together for Christmas or any other holiday
  • Hosting an event such as a lunch or dinner for your loyal customers with their families
  • Organizing an educational session on Pilates


Give Value for Money

You need to provide the right value for the price you set for your services. Your customers should get the desired value for the money the pay for your Pilates studio's membership.

If you're setting a high price, then make sure you're giving your customers a suitable experience so they keep on coming back to your studio and enjoy the experience you're providing them.

But if you're giving a mediocre experience for a high price, you'll soon start losing your customers and instead of standing out and finding success, your business will go down.

Share Your Knowledge through Blogs and Newsletters

To stand out from all the other nearby Pilates studios, you need to show your expertise. Use social media to not only spread the word about your studio but also to share knowledge and provide education to your audience.

A few simple ways you can use your expertise to educate your target audience:

  • Create educational content on your Facebook and Instagram pages relating to the benefits of Pilates and how it helps with fitness
  • Send weekly newsletters through emails to your customers with information on various topics like
  1. "Pilates workout for home"
  2. "What kind of nutrition is required along with Pilates?"
  3. "How is Pilates different from other forms of workouts?"
  4. "What are the benefits of Pilates?"
  • Apart with social media platforms and email, create blog posts on your website to post more similar educational content for your audience
Examples of Sharing Knowledge


Identify Your Speciality

There are a lot of people who start copying one successful idea everywhere. You can also easily rip off the style of a successful Pilates studio nearby but what works for them may not work for you at all. Rather it might even decline your existing performance.

For example - There might be a nearby Pilates studio that is finding success by providing group classes. This same form-factor may not work for you as compared to the one that provides one-on-one training sessions.

One on One Pilates Training

At the same time, don't try to do everything all at once, even that will have the same effects on your business.

One of the most important ways to stand out is to have your own speciality. Find out what you are best at and keep on doing that till you find your own success.

Provide Superior Customer Service

Most of the ideas, the simplest idea helps in standing out the most. Providing excellent customer service can trump all other ideas when it comes to making your Pilates studio stand out. Show your customers that you value them and are grateful for them. Understand their needs and wants and make sure to deliver those to them.

Here are some ways you can provide excellent customer service:

  • Have a 24/7 customer support
  • Have a receptionist or a helper at your Pilates studio to take care of your customers' needs
  • Take your customers' feedback over timely intervals, say every 3 months
  • Send them a personalized email on their birthdays
Provide Superior Customer Service

The more valued your customers feel, the more loyal they will be to your Pilates studio. Not only that, but they'll also spread around a good word to their family and friends for your Pilates studio.

Set up a Rewards Program

Setting up a rewards program for your Pilates studio won't just help you stand out but will also lead to having more loyal customers and build a good brand value for your studio. There are various ways in which you can use a rewards program -

  • You can provide reward free one-month membership to your customers when they bring in a referral
  • You can offer free merchandise and free classes when they keep on coming to your studio for a certain period of time
  • You can give them discounts on every membership renewal
  • You can provide them membership deals such as family membership plans or couple membership plans, etc



You can try one of these amazing ideas or use a combination of various ideas to stand out from your competition.

Find what makes you unique and combine it with hosting special events and sharing your expert knowledge to make your Pilates studio grow and become successful.