Top 10 Personal Trainer Promotional Ideas to Get More Clients

Marketing Nov 17, 2020

Personal trainers have a great scope of making loads of money and attracting more clients as there are many people who prefer to train alone.

But to have a successful personal training business, several questions may arise such as:

  • How to reach those people?
  • What should you do to attract new clients?
  • How to promote yourself as a personal trainer?

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 promotional ideas for you to promote yourself and get more clients:

Make a Good Appearance on Social Media

Make use of social media to reach as many people as possible. Post good and engaging content on your social media pages to impress people. What should you do to make the best use of your social media?


  • Post infographics, images, and some interactive content like videos, GIFs, quizzes, games that will make people like and comment and engage with you.
  • Post tips and hacks on fitness
  • Post offers and discounts
  • Post Testimonials of previous clients
  • Start some fitness challenge on your page that'll engage fitness freaks to take part, and reward them with a free session or some goodies.


  • Join fitness and gym groups on Facebook
  • Add carousel posts
  • Post your latest offers and discounts


Post your training videos, behind scenes, videos of your events/workshops. You can also go live on YouTube on the day of your event, or conduct a live training session to attract people.


It is a business platform where you can make connections and network with other fitness coaches and fitness experts. Grow your network as it will help you in many ways.

Social Media is the best way to reach people these days, make the most out of it.

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Offer Incentives

Who doesn't enjoy incentives? To attract clients to your personal training business, you can always offer incentives like free sessions or maybe a package deal like "buy 5 sessions, get 1 free". You can also offer these kinds of incentives to your current client base and maintain a long-term relationship. Promote these packages on social media, through emails and SMS.

When to Offer Free Trials for Personal Training

Provide Valuable Content

Post valuable content to get people's attention and to increase your reach and bring more traffic to your site. There are many ways you can post your content on your website and social media. It will help you engage people and generate leads. Content Marketing is one of the best ways of promotion. There are many ways you can create content on your website and on social media, for example;

  • Blogging
    It is your best chance to increase traffic to your site and to be good at SEO to rank on the search engine.
  • Videos
    It is the second-best content strategy that engages the audience and leaves a long-lasting impression.
  • Podcasts
    Many people believe in listening to podcasts rather than to read long articles. Make sure that your audience won't lose interest while listening to your podcast.

You can click here to check out the best content ideas for personal trainers with examples in more detail.

For example:

Mark Personal Trainer uses blogs, pictures and videos on websites to increase traffic. It has also made their website look attractive, and it comprises some good content for people to come and have a look at. You can check out their websites and have an idea.


Conduct Personal Training Workshops

Conduct training workshops or maybe visit other workshops as a trainer and promote yourself. It is a good way to get easy conversions. Make a good impression and give attention to every person present. Build a connection and give some kind of offer or package deal to attract them. It also helps with networking with people. You can also call some professionals to your workshops like a dietician who can make nutrition plans for people. Promote this workshop on social media. You can also go 'live' and engage the audience.

Conduct workshops on specific occasions such as Valentine's, Halloween, New Year, World Health Day, Fitness Day, or International Yoga Day. Topics for the workshop can be weight loss for women, corrective exercises, compound vs isolation exercises, full-body lifts vs direct core work, etc.

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Promote Your Personal Training Business Through Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have proven to be good for client acquisition. Advertising can help you target your niche you're looking to work with and promote your personal training services to them. This is a great way to increase your brand awareness and get your offer in front of the right prospects.

You can check out various Ad examples by clicking here!

Create Your Own Website

A website is a simple way to make a presence on the search engine. Make an attractive website by adding training videos, testimonials, and CTA's to book a session and to get the emails of people by some gated content like e-books or PDFs. The website can help you gain people's trust by posting engaging content like videos and blogs, and it's also a straightforward way to convert leads.

Click here to see the 20 Best Personal Trainer Websites for reference.

Start Networking With Other Personal Trainers

Personal Training is a people's business that requires you to connect with other people. So, grow your network and partner with local businesses like yoga classes, coffee shops, and other health businesses. Work mutually and benefit each other by spreading the word of mouth, and you can always give them a percentage for every referral they send over. It will also help you build credibility if any credible business mentions your services.

Another way of networking is to attend fitness events and take part in fitness competitions. You'll have time to meet people of your niche and other trainers who can always send clients over if it's not their niche. Networking helps to know many people that can benefit you and also helps build credibility in the community. By taking part in competitions, you can show that on your social media handles. It's another way to attract people.

Run a Referral Program

It is a known fact that word of mouth and the recommendations provided by your clients is an excellent source of gaining new clients. Ask your clients to get you the referrals by telling about your services to their friends and family. You can make the referral program mutually benefited by providing your current clients a free session or an article for their referrals.

If you're providing some incentive in return for them to bring you a new client, they'll be happy to collaborate and spread the word.


Make Use of Cross Referrals

Cross referrals can be very useful, so embrace its power and reach out to other professionals like nutritionists, physical therapists, physicians, massage therapists, etc. who your clients may benefit from. You can create a relationship where both of you can cross-refer your clients. A referral partnership can work wonders for you.

Cross Referrals have many benefits:

  • It helps you increase your reach
  • It helps you find many new customers and build good relations with people
  • It helps increase your overall business revenue
  • It helps reduce redundant costs

For cross referrals, you can also quote people from their blogs in your content. This will help you build a beneficial relationship with those people. But don't forget to send them the article before posting and ask for their permission.

Build an Email List

Building an email list is easy, and it's a very effective way to build a personal connection with your potential clients and stay on top of their mind. You can offer a freebie in return for their email. A freebie can be an e-book or a pdf on dos and don'ts of workout or an effective workout plan. You can also create a contest on social media where people can register only by providing their email IDs.

Make a consistent email schedule and send frequent emails to maintain the relationship with the prospects. And instead of sending promotional emails every time, send emails that adds value.

Start Putting These Ideas to Use!

The above promotion ideas will help you get more clients and build a good image in the community. Create a good marketing plan and put it to action. The need for personal trainers is growing, this is your time to shine and attract as many people as you can. Aggressive marketing and wonderful services can help you get leads and conversions for sure.

So, leave an impact on your current and potential clients.

Credits - Ishneet Kaur