6 Ways to Get Coaching Clients Without a Website

Marketing Nov 25, 2020

For any type of coach, finding and retaining clients is the single most important thing for business revenue. Basically: without clients there is no-one to coach!

A lot of coaches may make the mistake in thinking that finding clients is as easy as producing a good looking website, but there is more to it than that.

  • Without a marketing strategy, you will be missing out on potential clients - having a fancy website is pointless if you cannot drive traffic towards it.
  • By focusing on organic marketing (also known as inbound marketing), you can attract more clients without paying for links, content or advertising.
  • Organic marketing also generates a loyal client base, which supports client retention.

We have put together our 6 top tips on how to get coaching clients using organic marketing and without a website:

Encourage Referrals Among Your Existing Clients

A referral program is a great way to attract new clients without a website, as all it requires is word of mouth.

Encourage your existing clients to spread the good word about your coaching services to their friends and family and you've found yourself potential new clients easily.

In return for this valuable referral system, you can offer your clients rewards such as a free coaching session for every person they successfully refer to you.


Write Quality Content & Utilise Social Media

Just because you don't own a website doesn't mean you can't write great quality content to show your expertise as a coach.

Creating engaging content not only positions you as an authoritative voice in your coaching field, it also provides added value to your potential coaching clients.

You can create quality content by:

  • Writing a blog. You can still own a blog without a website. Promote it via social media and email newsletters.
  • Create an informative YouTube series. You can learn from videos much quicker than text, making it an engaging form of content.
  • Utilise social media. Instagram Stories are hugely popular and can create funny content which attracts more watchers.

Whatever form of content you create, you need to make it stand out from the noise of all other content creators. Ensure that what you are putting out inspires an emotive response, gives new or insightful information, and/or presents a funny or controversial idea.

For example:

Success coach and best-selling author Jen Sincero uses her Instagram to create content based on her life coaching set out in her book "You Are a Badass".

Sincero uses social media to regularly post about her work, personal life and coaching workshops: - all of which help to attract new clients to her coaching business.


Provide Free Coaching Consultations

Offering a free consultation to new clients will help show the value of your services as a coach.

It's a fantastic way of building trust, increasing a positive reputation, and helping spread the excellent work about your coaching practice with no website.

The key is to ensure that you treat all clients the same, so if you have a free trial client who is benefitting from your free consultation, treat them exactly the same way that you do with your paying clients. This way your prospective clients will gain a realistic experience of what they would have as a paying customer.

Host Workshops to Demonstrate Your Services

Attract clients whilst increasing awareness of your coaching services by engaging potential customers with valuable workshops - no website needed!

You can do this by:

  • Getting in touch with your local leisure centre to ask if you can host a workshop at their establishment
  • Promote your workshop via social media, email newsletters and physical posters
  • Charge a fee for your workshop: this will show attendees you have something of value to present

After your workshop, you should be ready with business cards to hand out to those who have attended. Run a Q&A at the end of your session to engage attendees further.


Organise Challenges to Engage a Fresh Audience

Another easy and free way to find and attract clients without a website is to run free challenges.

You can achieve this by:

  • Running contests on social media by adding them to your Instagram or Facebook Stories
  • Give exclusive challenges to email subscribers
  • Incentivise participants by offering a free coaching consultation as a prize

For example:

If you are a health coach, you could run a challenge on your Instagram such as "Avoid Sugar for 7 Days".  Ask participants to message you with how they felt before, during and after the challenge, and even submit photos on Instagram and to tag your handle on their posts.

At the end of the seven days, you can choose a winner and share their name on your Instagram, offering the winner a prize of your choice.


Grow your Email List and Keep in Touch With Existing Subscribers

Thanks to data which shows that email lists convert more client than any other method, it is a very valuable tool to create email newsletters to attract new clients.

Forget about building a website, here is how you can grow your email list:

  • Offer freebies or discounts to anyone who signs up to your email list via social media
  • Personalise your emails based on demographics such as location, age and gender
  • Incentivise sign-ups by including customer testimonials and success stories

Building a good email list is a huge step in attracting new clients - but don't forget to stay in touch with existing subscribers.

By growing and nurturing your email list you will successfully attract new coaching clients without any need for a website.


You Don't Need a Website to Attract Clients

Thanks to social media, email newsletters and real-life interactions, having a website is not a necessity when looking for new coaching clients.

With the right knowledge and advice, as found in this article, you will be able to find new clients for your coaching business.

Credits -  Charlotte Osborn